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Great post. Point of view is perhaps something I don’t think about enough. I am really looking forward to reading The Secret Year.


A compelling example of the power of point of view is the budding movement in financial services The examples and perspective in this article or section may not represent a worldwide view of the subject.

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Yes, Thats true. Women have been blessed by power but the main thing is that how and when to use this power. Use of power to appropriate place is more desirable. Men and women both are categorized in different workplaces.


Is it that women have power through their sexuality or that men don't have control? As many women who have been cheated on by a man have heard, they need it. Does it always matter where they get it? I don't think so. If a woman exudes an interest in offering her sexuality, men will accept. Granted there are exceptions to every rule. If Yoko was responsible for "Woman is the N****r of the World" then maybe we should thank her. There are women who are powerful enough to enlighten and educate men on oppression and equality, and perhaps even some men who possess those beliefs on their own.

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The real point is that if women are indeed so powerful by virtue of sex appeal, why don't women run more of society's institutions? Why don't women have more money? These issue to very huge and it is very less to speak about it.



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