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somehow their power to arouse adultery was not adequate when it came to the hangman): every time we watch men of world events, or minor characters in our own lives, as they come completely undone over some girl, and we assume she manipulated and cajoled and coerced him into ruin and disaster, every time we believe that she brought him down, we are really letting him off the hook rather easily. If women are granted so much
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Victoria (ToThePointFeminist)

I am quite enjoying your blogs, lol, you are a lot nicer in your wording than I am. People take stay at home moms and house wives for granted, my own father always said that being a housewife was respectable for a woman to do, oh, but when I told him I would be working and my fiance wants to be a house husband, my father's tone changed quickly! His first reaction was along the lines of "What kind of bum are you dating, he needs to get a job!" even though the business I run is more than enough to handle my fiance and I's needs and then some!

What really ticked me off was went I mentioned to my father that I can't wait for this kid I'm carrying to be born because I want my body back to normal, he basically called me a slut for not enjoying being pregnant and for not wanting to have any more kids after this one is born, and my is he ever ticked that we're giving the child up for adoption! He thinks every women WANTS to be a mother and that, if she doesn't have the maternal instincts then she's useless! (I know I wouldn't be a good mom so I want what's best for the child and that would be giving them to another family who wants a child, I'm a good business owner, not a mother!).

It's sad, my father is only 46! You would think someone of his generation would know better, but I guess ignorance is bliss in his case.........

Oh dang....I'm ranting....let me stop myself there so I don't end up writing a comment longer than you blog!


Victoria---My fiance is actually willing to stay home as well, and I had to work on my own prejudice . . . not that him staying at home would be bad, but that it wasn't fair to ask him to do something I didn't want to do myself. He said, "but I don't mind." And I kind of thought, yeah, you stone age feminist you, that is all that should matter.


The whole "public vs. private" sphere and the double day of work has always been a hot spot of discussion for me and anybody who will listen, so finding this post was really great for me.

Regarding the role of homemaker being primarily a woman's role, my dad has always come off as a very traditional guy (to the extent where it becomes sexist, racist, ageist, etc.). It was that (and my mother's meek acquiescence to it), plus the fact that essentially my family was an opposite nuclear model - my mom worked and my dad quit his job citing irreconcilable differences with his boss - but yet my dad still acted like he was the breadwinner that made me so sensitive to the rights to equal standing that all of us should have (and I am not saying that being a breadwinner makes it "alright" to assume control over others. NOTHING makes that right, but in this case it seems like adding insult to injury when you're the one working and yet you come home and get treated like an inferior). I know it's a generational thing, they grew up in different times, etc. But I was really proud of him when one day when I was filling out a form for him (his English isn't that great) and it came to "Career". Assuming he'd be sensitive about it, I asked him if he wanted me to put "Self Employed", but he told me in a very matter of fact tone to put "Home maker". I don't know if he sensed it, but that really made me feel like he was becoming more receptive of gender equality.

So I guess my point to this comment is that the role of home maker is expanding to men, and if even the traditional type of dad is willing to take on that status, I think there's hope for equal rights yet.

Richard Garcia

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i think homeschool is such a good thing.


Really very inspirable post.I think it is a duty of each parent to take care of their children.They should not run from their responsibilities.I have seen many parents who cant give time to thier children because of their schedule but they should give some time to their children as they are part of their life.

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