There are a great many families who DO have to choose , because babies are expensive. Those are the people who have it tough. Not my classmates or I. I kind of feel that women of my "class" can get carried away with the complaining about female inequality and the idea that you can't have both a career and a family, failing to realize how much better we have it than people who really do have to choose.

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In todays trend parents leave their children in hostel or with nanny. Because they are running after success and carrier. But according to me they should give priority to their children first and foremost.

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I was lucky enough to have high quality childcare within 3 miles from birth to elementary school. There were many highly qualified in-home childcare providers in the neighborhood from birth to age 3.It is important to provide training to those individuals are willing and able to care for children in their home

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Homemakers are more powerful than ever before. They are more organized, more outspoken in the public sphere, and more likely to have educations and careers that make them less dependent on their husbands than in the past.


An old response, but no one replied to it, so....

Matt --

"Husband gets contract, gets a bonus/promotion/whatever, more income coming into house from which everyone including the "housewife" benefits ?"

That was discussed in earlier comments. This is an indirect compensation; it's not the same thing as being paid for your work.

"Apart from the obvious physical problem with denying that women are better at raising kids (yes I've tried breastfeeding !)"

That's not what people mean when they say "women are better at raising kids." They mean women are somehow more suited to staying home all day, looking after the kids from dawn to dusk, cooking, cleaning, playing, reading to, educating, etc.

From where I'm standing, men can do that too.

"then why does society, in the shape of the family courts, almost always give them custody ?"

Um, hello? Because society is caught up in this sexist trope that "women are nurturers" and thus better child caretakers.

Also -- because women (due to aforementioned sexist tropes) tend to be the ones who do the majority of childcare, still. And judges, when awarding custody, look at which partner has been the primary caretaker and typically awards custody to that person.


Picture it.

It is 1973; and, you are a man who has an ungrateful wife who disdains him for all he does. While she has to do the laundry (gasp!), take care of the kids (gasp!), do the dishes (gasp!), and make the bed (double gasp!), you are busting your ass to to make ends meet. The stress all falls on you. The job conditions were longer (Occupational Safety and Health Act just passed). The hours were longer. The bosses were meaner. While your recently gotten the right to strike, you still could be out of a job and have to find something to bring in food. Having to play bureaucracy and bring your boss over to dinner to save your families ass isn't ideal, but it has to be done for the sake of the family.

You, as a male, are more likely to die of heart attack, hypertension, atherosclerosis, cancer, coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease, and more that would take a whole post in and of itself.

However, women are "oppressed."

The Vietnam War is still wagging in 1970 with no end in sight. Men regardless of viewpoint are sent into battle. The Vietnam War is considered one of Americas bloodiest defeats; thousands of men lost their lives and thousands more were injured. Many would die from new technology like napalm bombs and be killed in ambushes.

While women were housewives, being "oppressed."

You just been called to serve your country. 1970s radical Feminism has taken root calling men "pigs." The society that you and all men have created for women is labeled a "patriarchy." Unjustified rage for the opposite gender is building. The equality that these Feminist want is distorted and only when it suits them. It teaches that a womans worth is only as good as she is like a man. It teaches to degrade men. It teaches to create a victim out of women and men as "having it easy" and "laughing while they do it."

You daughter hates you.

You wife hates you.

And here, you are going to go to war and probably die--save a limb being lost.

But it gets better.

Later in life your daughter types a blog bitching and moaning about "oppression," and that women had it so unfair (as if women are a collective entity of mindless drones).

In the present time, there are men and boys (including smart women), who sees how little respect men are getting from certain groups of women who like to call themselves Feminist. However they are many smart women who have taken more than just a woman studies course and who do appreciate men for what they do, what they have done, and what they continue to do...rather than take moral superiority for having it harder.

Victimization: Its Feminism's glass cannon.


Happy Feminist. You aren't impressing anyone, save your daily mindless readers.

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