Like I said in the last thread, the film that springs to mind the most is John Tucker Must Die. It's probably not the most misogynistic film I've seen by a long run, but it stuck in my head more than most for some reason. It made me really really angry, not least because, misogyny aside, it's the single worst film ever made (I got roped into seeing it with some teenie-bopper friends of mine). But also cos it just reinforced all kinds of gender stereotypes (like all girls are catty and bitchy and can't work together as a team). And in the end to get revenge on the guy they feed him oestrogen which turns him into a blithering sobbing mess - a bit of transphobia to round it off.

Most feminist film? I'll have to have a think about that. I really liked Kill Bill volume 1 though - I did a feminist review of it here:

This is actually really hard. For some reason, I want to say "Dogville," but that's really not so anti-woman as anti-everybody. Making movies like that for the enjoyment of the masochistic is Lars von Trier's schtick.

In The Company of Men feels misogynistic, but I think it is more a comment on misogyny. But then, it was directed by the same guy who did "The Wicker Man," so I could be wrong.

As for Feminist movies, for all out butt-kicking, Tank Girl would have to be up there.

But I'm not sure butt-kicking should be our measure.



I'm not sure if it is the *most* misogynistic film, but Crank was absolute filth. Not only was the plot too simple and boring, but there was a pretty graphic rape scene. Of course, they didn't call it rape but that's exactly what it was. Plot: Main character dude was poisoned by some other guy and in order to survive to get the antidote, he had to keep his heart rate up while he searched. Apparently, having forced sex with your girlfriend in public while she screams "no" but then suddenly turns into a wild, willing partner is ok. I'm hoping this is a fantasy that a lot of guys don't have. Don't waste your time or money on this crap.

The most feminist film?.....Well, I'm a big fan of the Mists of Avalon!


I don't know about most misogynistic ever, but the Departed rates pretty highly on this scale for me.


Feminist movies, I got to give a plug for my own country and suggest a kids movie: Whale Rider.

Maori culture can at times and in some places be very misogynistic and at the same time has produced some of the stronger women I know and some of the stronger women in New Zealand history.

The Happy Feminist

I loved the Mists of Avalon. I haven't seen the rest of the movies mentioned here, but my husband loved the Departed so now I'm confused! Does this mean I am going to be annoyed with him when I see it?


argh, i was sad to read your post on "the wicker man" -- it sounds horrendous and yet i really, really liked "in the company of men" which is apparently by the same director.

and yeah, cc, i enjoyed "company of men" because i read it as a commentary on misogyny, not as actually misogynistic. if anyone's not seen it, it essentially sets up and then demolishes the supposed difference beween "the nice guy and the asshole". it had a pretty strong effect on me at the time, given that i was JUST starting to pull apart that myth myself at the time.


LoudFem, I'm with you on Crank. I'm bad with "most ... ever" things, because I'm just not that good at retaining movies (which on some level is good because I get more rewatch value), but that just squicked me. That whole scene, with the whole Japanese schoolgirl thing on top of that, made me feel ill. I normally like Jason Statham (that being the reason I saw the film), but that was just awful.


How about _Pretty Woman_? It perpetuates the Cinderella/ Pygmalion myth, namely that women who try to make it by themselves have nothing but their bodies to rely on in economic exchanges, no matter whether these occur in the street or in the marital bed.

Barbara P

Moolaade was a very feminist film.

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