I am a little confused. Wasn't the survey done by the request of women on that site? All the opinion statements in the poll were apparently rephrased questions from actual women who wanted some male perspective.

It seems like what you want is for these women to not open a discussion about modesty with men. I am for any increase of communication, personally.

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The fact that there is no reverse modesty survey for male dress proves that this mindset is at the very least predicated on the notion of women and girls as second class citizens.


To me the survey was akin to blaming the victim for her rape. Men will think what they think because they have perverted and distorted the female image by indulging in lustful thoughts. It's not what the women wear that affect men's thoughts, it's men's perceptions about women that affect their thoughts. I think women don't suffer from the same lustful thoughts and aren't considered as visual as men because we don't view men as objects to be looked at. I don't know about other women, but I get more from the pictures on directions to put something together than I do with the actual written instructions themselves. Wouldn't that constitute as being visual? I think if we're going to be studying how women aren't visual the studies should not be based on sexual studies, as it seems anything sexual muddles a guy's thinking so much that I would consider the study unreliable. I believe that the muddling comes from learned behavior of men towards women. Think of that infomercial your baby can read..it is the same structure of association with visual, hearing and doing whether its male or female babies, if males were more visual than females would this technique still work for female babies? I strongly believe that most behaviors of men are socialized behaviors, and that they've been in place for so long that it's hard to ever consider a separation of the 2.


Yesterday my wife, who is in training for an upcoming event, politely asked me if I could wait a couple of minutes to eat a slice of pizza until she could go to another room. She was afraid at that particular time of day the temptation to eat the pizza would be too great. I begrudgingly obliged her, then wondered to myself, why didn't I think about that fact that giant, hot, fantastic smelling pizza, would be a huge temptation to her.

You obviously are not a Christian, or you would understand that the sense of community would encourage all to help someone not stumble. There is no double standard, or anti-women agenda in reminding girls that they can dress or act in such a way as to tempt young boys. Because on the other side of the coin there is someone teaching the boys that their lust is wrong, and they shouldn't be treating women as objects but with respect and dignity. You might want to post both sides of things, but I understand it's hard looking through one-sided feminist glasses.

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