This makes me sick. I went to a well known Christian school in my area as a kid. No one monitored that school, where kids where so badly verbally abused a few started to wet their beds. Thankful I just grew up with horrible self esteem. This school pushed me away from religion all together because of the abuse. This is not what our forefathers meant between separation of church and state. It is not ok for a school to abuse children no matter what kind of school it is. It's our job to look after children no matter what. Religion is not an excuse to just do what ever the heck you want. Yes fine believe what you want you have a right to your religion, but once it hurts children no way something needs to be done.


Hi there. My name is Anne. I was in Heartland for almost 3 years myself. I have read the majority of these comments and I was also interviewed by people magazine the last time they came there. There are indeed many ups and downs to Heartland. The main points I want to make here are this: Yes it is true that the students get paddled for just about everything. One of the questions I saw on here really caught my attention. "Do the students get paddled for suicide attempts". Yes they do! They get 10 swats (which while i was there was the LIMIT for swats. Eventually they started to make it to where you could get 10 swats every single day for a punishment over a period of time, which then eventually turned into UNLIMITED swats.), they had to wear a YELLOW jumpsuit (the orange one was for people who tried to run away), and also they were on 24 hour watch, where they had to stay in one room, they could not talk to anyone, and a staff member was there watching them the entire time. (COMPLETELY UNCOMFORTABLE sounding). This is so true! This place is for parents who indeed have given up on their children. That is exactly why I was sent there and I have completely lost touch with my family members and so forth since I have been out! It's really sad. They do brainwash, they install fear inside of the students. Had I of been able to run away and thought I could get away, I would have tried. But the problem was that every person who tried running away while I was there came right back! It was pretty horrifying. Don't get me wrong, in a lot of ways there were many people there who helped me become the person I am today.. but I might add that these people were not the one's paddling me! Isn't that funny? The point of this is... spanking a teenager isn't going to help the situation, it's going to make the person mad, and make them feel ashamed! I don't have a problem with spanking a child. But I believe that spanking should end by the time your child is 9. Well to share some more about my stay there... here are the upsides to Heartland.. the structure really isn't so bad! I was failing academically before I went simply because I didn't have the discipline to sit down and do my homework. They did feed us well, however one of the discipline techniques was a seperate meal selection consisting of peanut butter sandwhich carrots and prunes, and we did get our basic needs taken care of (showers, clothing if we needed it, and these types of things). For this I am grateful to Heartland. But the number one thing is that we did not deserve to get paddled for the things that we did... or even at ALL! Thanks for reading!

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Capital Punishment is a subject with proponents from one end of the spectrum to the other. The divergence of opinions is extreme. It is a perfect example of why there must be some method of determining authority.

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