I read the first part a couple days ago. The story is bad enough - but what sickened me were the comments (on the paper's site).


This sort of thing pisses me off. Women are being misled into thinking that making some guy who could care less about women rich off their sexuality is cool and fun. And guys go and buy shit from this rapist enabler!


Ugh. I'm in Ohio and this has been getting a fair amount of local publicity. It's sick.

Left Right Out

It reminds me of something a young guy (15) said to me once. He said his friends had urged him to have sex with a girl who was passed out drunk at a party, and he had said "'No, that's just not cool." I first praised him for saying no, then I said not only was that 'not cool' it was rape. He sort of hemmed and hawed, so I sked him how he would feel if he woke up from passing out drunk at a party to find that another man had had anal sex with him. Would that be rape or would he have been "asking for it" by getting drunk?

I think that was a feminist click moment for him.


>>> Stop enriching this jerk, who apparently hates women and hates you.

Don’t know the guy, so I can’t say what motivates him, although I doubt it’s “hate.” My guess would be “indifference,” coupled with a strong profit motive.

Bird's Eye View

Uh, why are underage girls voluntarily agreeing to go out and get drunk in the first place? See "drunken defense" here...

And if you wanna see REAL "Girls Gone Wild," watch the 2 videos in HERE!!!!!

The Happy Feminist

Nice, Bird's Eye. So one woman behaves badly (I haven't seen the video but I'll take your word for it) and somehow that invalidates feminism? Or has anything whatsoever to do with my post? And if a woman gets drunk, she's fair game for rape, abuse, ridicule, etc.? That's "fuzzy misogynist asshole" logic.

Richard, Claire Hoffman's expose paints a portrait of a guy with a deep antipathy towards and contempt for women, which the latest rape allegations seems to corroborate.

Bird's Eye View

"And if a woman gets drunk, she's fair game for rape, abuse, ridicule, etc.?"

You weren't smart enough to understand my blog, were you?

A woman is no less responsible for her actions when she decides to get drunk than a drunk driver is when they decide to get behind the wheel drunk. That is no excuse and no defense. In fact, drunk driving is a wrongdoing in itself!

So, refreshing to see how most of the comments on that article agree with me too! It's just common sense, really.

But as usual, a pathological feminist like yourself avoids female accountability at all costs...

The Happy Feminist

You're right. Drunk women should be held accountable for having things done to them against their will. That's just like drunk driving.


Of course, Happy! I mean, a man couldn't possibly be responsible for the fact that he forced his cock into a drunken woman or that he decided to film girls who were so blasted they had no idea what was going on! I mean, come on! men, having responsiblity?

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