The Lutherans I met on Saturday were all fun -- they made us Catholic moms feel pinched and sour, by comparison.

The Happy Feminist

Oddly enough, I just went to a Catholic Mass the other day (only my 5th ever). It was a Mass in honor of St. Thomas More and in honor of judges and lawyers. The Catholics get major props for being the only religion (as far as I know) that has a special service for members of the Bar!

Shawna R. B. Atteberry

The "Wash My Sins Away" products are some of my absolute favorites! I should've known it was Lutherans who came up with that! ;)

Resident Methodist


yeah, the Catholics hold masses for lawyers-- god knows they need all the help they can get ; )

But Lutherans know how to have fun--I'd love to get the Lutheran party pack


The Happy Feminist seems to be obsessed with religion. Simple reason, God places in each of our hearts the reality of His existance. That causes everyone to make one of two choices in life. Follow His plan for us, or... follow your own, which you have decided to do. But, the nagging guilt that is within is can't be washed away---whether it be by ridicule, humor or whatever. That's why she's obsessed with religion.


Joseph -- if you truly feel the need to go around telling people they must have "nagging guilt," I suggest you look deeply within your own heart and ask why.

And let me guess -- even if you happen to be Luthern, you`re not one of the "fun" ones. :)

The Happy Feminist

I am extremely interested in religion, although I don't know why my interest warrants the pejorative description "obsessed." After all, people are very highly motivated by religious belief so I think that is a very good reason (rather than nagging guilt within) to try to examine religion and try to understand it.


Joseph, beam from your own eye ok?

Even as an agnostic it's possible to really enjoy religous services and rituals (I went on a six week pilgrimage along an old route in Spain last year and really treasure the indulgence I got at the end of it).

Now, L, your missing my point, here. First of all let me say that I just happened upon this site and started to read. I find Happy to be very articulate and her take on religion is an interesting and very common one.

God places the reality of Himself within us (if you believe any of the Bible--if not the remainder of this discussion is moot). We have an emptiness within us that can only be filled by His Spirit. It doesn't come naturally. The emptiness manifests itself in many ways--I call it a naggingness. We also---get ready now--are sinners in His sight. We can't gain his favor without a sacrifice for our sins (I didn't say that--He did) Now, He provided the sacrifice through His Son, Jesus Christ. He has atoned for our sins--they have been taken away. However, each person must believe and accept that. When you establish a relationship with Him, you are part of His family. And, He slowly transforms you into a different person. One that still has fun. In fact, Jesus said He came to give life and give it more abundantly. And, I have more fun now than I ever did before accepting Christ.


I assume that commenter above was Joseph? Then the tone of judgmental smugness I thought I heard in your reference to "nagging guilt" would appear to have been just the earnest efforts of a happy Christian trying to convince others to share in his same kind of happiness. You might want to drop the loaded word "guilt" and just go with "naggingness."

Have fun!

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