Try sailing, it's like standing in a cold shower tearing up packets of money.


You don't need hunting lessons to learn gun safety and how to shoot. You can get that at any skeet range. There, the only thing you'll kill will be clay pigeons (which are more akin to ceramic frisbees).

The Happy Feminist

Yeah, I'm a little confused about the whole hunting safety part of this. I think it's just that a friend of a friend runs the program or something.

Am not 100% sure I want to sit around in the cold in the woods for two days, but will give it a go. I am wondering if I can wear my heels there. Either way, there had better be hot chocolate.


Your husband sounds cool. He seems to have gone through a lot of the same "phases" I've gone through (actually I'm still going through most of them). Cigars, photography, Brooks Broths scotty dog pants, and now skeet shooting. If he lived closer I'd join him on the range, and all your readers could wring their hands that HF's hubby has started hanging with (gasp) RICHARD! Safety tip: When he yells, "Pull," be sure you're standing BEHIND him. And check out the NSSA site: http://www.mynssa.com/


p.s. Note that the NSSA ominously offers a good deal on what it terms "shooter insurance." :)


Target shooting is pretty cool. It is all about strength, muscle control, calming yourself (especially in a competition) and breathing right.

Rifle's don't have to killing devices.

Joel Monka

I've never heard of that particular TV show, but I echo Mastermind and Richard about the target shooting. To be of competetive caliber requires concentration on a zen level, as well as the control Mastermind spoke of. Small bore rifle competition has mixed memories for me; fond ones of the competition itself, but also the fight that got me into with my high school. As our team was undefeated, and I was invited to the 1972 Olympic trials, I naturally expected a sports letter. Since the ROTC unit wasn't technically part of the school system, they were not absolutely required to recognize any accomplishments we made there- so I was denied a letter because "shooting isn't a sport". Of course, 1969-1973 were not great years for ROTC...

The Happy Feminist

I could be in trouble because zen-level concentration tends to elude me. I think I'll just be happy if I manage to shoot anyone by accident.

Richard, maybe I can get you and husband together for a few beers and cee-gars to talk clothes and guns. On the other hand, I am not sure you would be a good influence on him.


I think I'll just be happy if I manage to shoot anyone by accident.

Did you mean avoid shooting anyone by accident?

Or do you have aspirations to be Vice President some day?

The Happy Feminist

Er, yes, that's what I meant.

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