I cannot in good conscience donate money for abortions on religious grounds.

A Pang

That's okay, I'll donate money in your name.

h sofia

I still can't wrap my mind around a medical doctor who truly believes a possibly 2 or 3 day conception is a baby.

The Happy Feminist

Of course, regardless of one's view of the morality of abortion, one thing is clear: there was no need for an abortion at all but for the ERs refusing to provide EC.

And yeah, I am aware that some people define EC as abortion but, since EC merely prevents implantation, it is quite a different thing than the intrusive post-implantation procedure. (Not to mention that it leads to a result that is no different than what frequenty happens to unimplanted fertilized eggs anyway.)

ann adams

I wish I could. I'm so sorry it didn't work out for her.

ann adams

That last comment was too brief. I'm on fixed income and have nothing left over. All I can do is rage.

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ann adams

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I don't think that the doctors in question are actually saying blastula = baby, they are saying that a 2-3 old conceptus is a precursor to a baby. Which it is. Implantation is just one of many steps in development.

And for those of you who are about to rip my head off, I am still pro-choice. I just don't think the "it's not a baby, it's a ball of cells" argument is all that compelling. That argument just seems like a shield for the "baby-killer" language the pro-lifers use.

I'm also not too wild about the idea of doctors (we're not talking pharmacists here) being forced to do things that they are morally opposed to doing. Are you suggesting that doctors be forced to prescribe EC to anyone who wants it? What would you all say if the government started mandating that doctors execute convicted felons, for instance? Or participate in the torture of alleged terrorists? Most of you would probably fall on the side of saying they shouldn't be forced to do those things. How is prescribing a drug that terminates a pregnancy (in their eyes) any different? No matter how you spin the idea that the blastula hasn't implanted therefore it's not a baby story, they're not going to buy it. You need to come up with something more compelling to sway these people -- unless your goal is simply to complain about how awful the pro-lifers are.

That being said, it's pretty terrible that other people's morality was shoved down this woman's throat the way that it was, and she ended up in such a shitty situation. Isn't it fortunate that EC will be available over the counter in a few months, and that there are providers who will perform abortions in her state. Hopefully next time she'll have better luck with the condoms.


"since EC merely prevents implantation,"

from what i know, the risk of that occurring is no more than taking a regular birth control pill. It works by preventing ovulation - sperm has 72 hours to find the egg - if the egg does not leave, NOTHING IS FERTILIZED. i think this is an important point.

the email address is connected with an eBay/Pay Pal account, so if you have one of those, you can do it.


This horrible story highlights why people should have Plan B on hand in their medicine cabinets, right next to the bandaids and the Typenol. I paid 30 bucks for my peace of mind -- I hope I never have to use it, but if I do, it`s there, in case all our barriers fail.

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