I don’t know about the underestimating part. I mean, how did she think stealing his badge was going to prove rape? It worked out for her because he called her to get it back and the call was recorded, but I don’t understand her thought process there.

The sentence recommendation is a scandal. A year!? You can get that for recidivist jay walking in most states. But hey, it’s Massachusetts, what can you say?

The Happy Feminist

It corroborates her story and it's tough for him to account for. He would have a lot of 'splaining to do as to how she might have gotten his badge.

The Happy Feminist

Great story, ballgame!


The only way it corroborates her story is if it was common knowledge that he kept his badge safety pinned to his scrotum. “You have my badge, big deal. So you’re a liar and a thief!” he’d say. I just don’t think it was really that clever, but glad it worked out for her anyway.

The Happy Feminist

Really? I think it's pretty damn clever. I wouldn't have thought of it.

And yeah, he would have to come up with a good story as to (a) how she got it off his person, (b)how she got away with it, and (c) why he didn't report it immediately (the loss of his badge which is a major security breach) which he predictably didn't.


I think it was clever of her- all she really needed was something to get someone in charge to pay attention to her claim. Obviously it worked out really well for her because he was foolish enough to incriminate himself over the phone. But even if he hadn't conveniently incriminated himself, he would still eventually have to account for quite a few details. Her posession of his badge does nothing but lend credibility to her story- it's better than her showing up at the station with nothing but her testimony.

Shawna R. B. Atteberry

Janet's story is great. And if you haven't read through the comments on the post--Go! Do so now! The whole conversation is wonderful.

The Grouch

At the very least, the badge proves that he had sex with her (even if it doesn't prove coercion), which would be improper conduct for an officer.

susan corbett

i believe i am a feminist but dont you think the whole post feminist womens movement is in the grip of a terrible monomania about our sex? aside from the fatuousness of sex chauvenism generally what annoys me about it is awful bourgeois political complacency, its lack of serious radicalism, which will always flow not from sex but from class and feminism has nothing to say about class injustice..the injustice utterly indifferent to sex. an educated middle class professional woman is infinitely more powerful than a working class man and this has always been the case. sex is an incidental thing to my mind.

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