Lisa DeBruine

I am the scientist who is running that experiment. You were right, there was a a mistake in the feedback. I accidentally programmed it to feed back the percentage of more feminine faces preferred, rather than the percentage of more masculine faces. I apologise for any confusion and it has been fixed now. If you want to leearn about the science behind this research, look at the Resources for Students and Computer Graphics sections of the website.


Looks shouldn't be so important. Character is what counts. But let's face it, we are tilting against windmills. Fact is that looks signify youth, health, fertility, and general fitness. Takes extraordinary character and intelligence to overcome all that.

Lynn Gazis-Sax

I seem to prefer feminine faces, at least at this time of the month. But I'm wondering about the "ideal partner" questionnaire; it's asking me whether my husband is more masculine than average, or less, and I'm not sure whether it means appearance (well, he's pretty big, tall, and hairy) or behavior. And I'm totally mystified as to how to answer how masculine I'd want a hypothetical partner who could be either male or female, since I'm bisexual, to be. I guess I'll go with average.

Wow. There are actually people (though only 2%) who say they'd prefer a partner who was less attractive than average. I guess they won't be going for AwesomeGoddess. :-)

The Happy Feminist

Thanks Lisa! I just thought I was missing something -- maybe that I REALLY preferred the masculine faces without realizing it.


The test seems unbalanced, anyhow -- if I always chose the lefthand face, why are my percentages not nearing 50%?

Lisa DeBruine

The test randomly allocates faces to the left and right sides of the screen. Most of the time, this means that the more masculine face is on one side more than 50% of the time.

I apologise about the "ideal partner" test. I am also bisexual and find questionnaires like that frustrating, but we had to trade off ease of understanding the questionnaire for the majority of (unisexual) participants with applicability to all participants. I would love to hear any suggestions for dealing with this that would be both inclusive of all people and relationship types and also not too confusing for the majority of straight people. Would an alternative questionnaire for bisexual, polyamorous and/or transexual people be acceptable?

Lynn Gazis-Sax

An alternative questionnaire might well be the best idea; I can see where designing a questionnaire around people like me would make it needlessly complicated and confusing for most unisexual people.


More than 50% makes sense. However, I got it 80% of the time which, though of course possible, seems unlikely.


On average, people preferred the more feminine women 78% of the time and the more feminine men 52% of the time. You preferred feminine women 100% of the time and feminine men 95% of the time.
-Facial Attractiveness test

Wow so guess I like more feminine faces all around.. What does that say about me, or anyone? Why do we have these preferences?

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