You'd think that none of these people had heard "GAFB."



*head tilt*

The Happy Feminist

Is that a variation of GYOFB? (Get Your Own Fucking Blog?)

I am just guessing here.


Pinch me! Is this for real? In the last week, this site has been like watching the old Soviet Union implode. First, Mr. Duff is allowed to appear on the streets again, unmolested, and now the that villified 250-Word-Limit has fallen by decree. Careful, Happy. These reforms could lead to unintended consequences. They could ultimately prove uncontrollable and resulted in a cascade of events that may eventually end with the dissolution of feminism as you know it. Don't forget what happened to Nicolae Ceausescu.

The Happy Feminist

More likely a lot of really long boring comments that no one wants to read. But so be it.


"More likely a lot of really long boring comments that no one wants to read. But so be it. "

Speaking of long boring comments (and also of GYOFB...sorry), there was some reasonably productive (and polite!) discussion happening right at the end of the philosophy entry (at 140 comments probably nobody other than those directly involved was actually reading it but there you go).
I was really impressed by it, as so often conversations between oposing viewpoints degenerate into mudslinging and completely ignore the facts.

The topic is dead now but some of the issues raised (like evolution, gay marriage and secular govenment) could generate interesting respectful discussion if raised in their own posts (of course they're all prime trollbait so it could mean far too much work for you in terms of keeping conversation civil, to the facts and on-topic).

The Happy Feminist

I actually don't mind long comments, especially when it is an extremely substantive discussion like in the philosophy post comments thread. But Tango Man's used to be soooooooooo long that it was really over the top. That's why it used to be called the Tango Man rule.

Please address this. It is so sickeningly unreal.


Blogger's Note: This site is not exactly obscene but not exactly work safe either. I wouldn't want my employer wondering why I am looking at sites about husbands spanking their wives!

The Grouch

like watching the old Soviet Union implode

So who does that make you, Richard? Solzhenitsyn? (Whose name I probably spelled wrong). Go you, you brave soul!


My goodness - look at what you miss while you are away.

"....it used to be called the Tango Man rule."

Now, I know I'm not one to talk, but - oh, god - that's going to have me giggling for quite a while.

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