My favorite part is how he claims that feminism's job is already done, and yet throughout uses demeaning, belittling language that just drips privilege.

I think I'd rather die than be a "feminicely."

The Grouch

Hey, at least his URL is honest--duff and nonsense! Very descriptive!


You banned him from commenting here, so he went to some other blog to whine about you there instead?!?

Poor David. He clearly needs a hobby.

...or is trolling considered a hobby now?



And I do believe I can relate to your frustration. In the flesh, I am almost incapable of telling anyone off or announcing a boundary without deferential levels of politeness, even if the other person's behavior has gone past rude and into actionable.
As those who know me can tell you, it's not because I lack rage.

Ann Bartow

I think you should replace your "Legal, Liberated and Loving It!" tagline with "appears quite normal in a breezy, bossy, humourless sort of way..." but only if it amuses you to do so!



Dear Ariel,
I can't really say I agree with him; i didn't find your write up on Narcissistic Personality Disorder to be a virulent attack on your father; it was more like a treatise on what folks with that disorder are suffering from.
And as for this bit:
"Mind you, with very few exceptions all of her commenters, including the men, were 'an ego short of an id'! . . ."
So, not being content just to attack you, he attacked all the rest of us as well. oy!
What can I say but that anyone who draws from Marxism for backup has issues,
it being a morally as well as economically bankrupt philosophy...
which kind of makes your point for you from your previous post;
unless one studies some philosophy, how would one recognize a bad philosophy,
or contrast it to a better one?
Well, have fun revelling in his comments; i just wish his name wasn't "David,"
as that sort of reflects poorly on the rest of us daves. *lol* =)
Have a nice day!

Sounds like he's projecting.


Uh .... congratulations?


Sounds like he's trying to be the poor man's John Derbyshire...who was one of TangoMan's idols, as I recall.


Thanks fr posting this - that was a good laugh. :--)
*gets ready to kick some corpses* lol

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