You know, I always wonder how feminism gets such a bad reputation, and then I see stuff like this. How is it that Althouse calls herself a feminist?

The comments on Althouse's original post were out-and-out misogynist, mocking Jessica, calling her an intern, suggesting that she was trying to seduce Clinton, etc. And Althouse's response was to agree with that crap and continue to attack Jessica for the crime of having both breasts and good posture?

One of the strangest things is the accusation that she was sticking her breasts out for Clinton, the male political figure. Uh, he was standing behind her, so he could not see her breasts. He was looking at the camera, as were they all.

I cannot even find a thread of logic in Althouse's attack. It seems merely like a mean-spirited attack, plain and simple.

I cannot believe in the year 2006 we are still having to waste time on stuff like this ....

a feminist

Looks like I've been in a virtual bubble over this particular row; I only became familiar after your posting of this blog entry.

Just wanted to add my support for your own thoughts. I can't believe there has been so much vitriol toward Jessica over her body/position in the photograph. I'm amazed. I'm all for a discussion on the idea of feminist bloggers meeting Clinton (I find that particular angle interesting), but the personal attacks I'm reading are just completely reprehensible. Talk about over the top.


Althouse is easy to predict. Anything about Republicans, she supports. Anything about Democrats, she opposes.

I guess she wants women to strap their breasts down so that they are not visible.

Jessica did not do anything inappropriate except own breasts.


Big breasts--with a "thin" knit sweater--and she had the nerve to stand in front of Clinton. And she's a "liberal"--and was actually attractive to boot. Damn that Jessica. Damn her. (Need I add: /sarcasm?)

The Grouch

I think Atrios said it best--you don't know "banal" until you've read Althouse.

Not only is the woman spiteful, petty and a complete stranger to logic, she's also boring.


Perhaps Althouse wishes she were as attractive as Jessica and is merely administering a low blow? Seriously, there was nothing inappropriate about Jessica's attire, she was merely "posing" just like everyone else in the photo, as one does when one has one's picture taken. What is up with this lady? Doesn't she have anything more important to worry about?

The Happy Feminist

The funny thing is that she is claiming in the comments thread of the most recent post on the issue that the feminists are being petty and apparently have nothing more important to worry about. But SHE's the one who made an issue of Jessica's breasts. And yes it is worthy of comment when someone (purporting ot be a feminist) publishes demeaning comments about a woman based only on her looks and her temerity for owning a pair of breasts.


Althouse isnt a feminist. She isnt that smart.

David Thompson

Perhaps Althouse wishes she were as attractive as Jessica and is merely administering a low blow?

Um what? If it's not okay to make snotty comments about Jessica Valenti's personal appearance, then it's not okay to make snotty comments about Ann Althouse's personal appearance.


David, I have no idea what Althouse looks like, so I cannot possibly comment on her appearance. I'm not sure why you think that I was. I was commenting on Althouse's *motivations* for making comments about another woman's chest, tongue in cheek. This is not the same thing as telling Althouse to cover her tits up, or the same thing as saying that she is unattractive.

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