I'm really just curious as to how one "turns off" DD breasts. Seriously.

Also, anyone who thinks of a picture of the whole of a normally-fitting t-shirt with a woman inside it (which is exactly what the feministing pictures were) as a picture of breasts thinks of a clothed female torso as a set of boobs. End of friggin' story.

I get more than enough annoyance from males who think any body part (including eyes) whose existence I have not concealed is actively on display. Hearing a woman say the same thing makes me want to spit in her drink.


Ah, the "If I can see it, you're displaying it and thus inviting me leer, ogle and/or comment on it" philosophy.

So charming. So parochial. So egocentric.

Brought to you by the people who brought us the "Everyone in the world should have the same values and beliefs as ME, because somehow out of billions of people on the planet, MINE are all the RIGHT ones" philosophy...

*end of PSA*

The Grouch

The best part is Ann whining about the sexist comments being made about her.

Ann, sweetie? If you not only allow but invite your commenters to sexually harass a young woman and analyze her boobs (and if you tell me you didn't know they would do that, you're either a liar or an idiot), you lose all right to feminist defense when people respond by insulting you. Sorry.

three martini breakfast

>"(and if you tell me you didn't know they would do that, you're either a liar or an idiot)"

Why limit yourself to just one, when they go together so well?!


>>> Happy wrote: TRANSLATION: I am now going to ignore the fact that most of the comments thread below my original post focused on Jessica's hotness, apparently in response to my sniggering statement about Jessica's placement in the picture. (emphasis added)

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Happy, read at Althouse's orginal post (link below). Not a peep in the post about Jessica. Nothing! Zip. Jessica entered the comments HERSELF after some other comments, NOT Althouse, made joking reference to "the intern" in front of Clinton. The subject was always Clinton. Althouse didn't even know who any of the bloggers were at first. Here's the link to Althouses ORGINAL post.


The Happy Feminist

From Althouse's original post:

Let's just array these bloggers... randomly.

So what in the world is Althouse talking about? Her commenters seemed to interpret it as a reference to Jessica.

In any case, whatever. The point is that after other people made derogatory comments about Jessica, and Jessica made a comment, Althouse piled on with some downright nastiness that was NOT about the adoration of Clinton (as contained in writings of bloggers who are not Jessica) but that WAS about the alleged inappropriateness of Jessica's tits.


And whose fault is it that instead of going "gee, we're just messing around at Clinton's expense, sorry 'bout that, Jessica," Althouse promptly upped the ante by a) telling Jessica not to "flatter herself" b) some insane crap about her "posing" c) starting a brand new post entitled LET'S TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT THOSE BREASTS.

What, Jessica was -asking for it,- by coming in and saying, y'know what, i don't appreciate this? She should've just let them have their fun at her then-unknown expense; it's her fault for protesting? Fuck that noise.

I am so motherfucking tired of these penny-ante bullies. It's bad enough that we're at the mercy of this kind of venal heartless ratbastard at the serious-as-a-stroke level; who the hell has time for this kind of trifling bullshit? Althouse deserves a good swift kick in the ass. Pity no one's ever actually going to deliver it to her.


By the way, she deleted those posts; as she did the post wherein i laid out Jessica's feminist credentials for her, seeing as how she was apparently too blinded by the boobies to notice she's got some rather formidable chops on her. And then promptly froze the topic. Gee. Was it something I said?

And I -still- don't know what whosis meant by "are you gonna eat the last bagel." It sure -sounds- clever, though.


I spent some time browsing around Weiss' site. Apparently she is, indeed, "semi-ethnic" herself, evangelist trumpetings notwithstanding. well, technically if yer Mom's not, you're not Jewish. still i did boggle at the whole (apparently completely unironic) fawning over the NY Society page and then her mild incredulity that Joan Rivers had made it; guess they let in just -anyone- these days.

she seems rather hung up on this "classy/not classy" notion, i notice. among other things.

she: freaks my shit out.


--woosp, excuse me, i guess she just deleted...well, no, there was more than one. but those, yah, she left up.

i just love how she DEMANDS an -apology- (!!) from someone -else- in there calling her on her bullshit.

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