Wow, congrads on another worthwhile topic. Thanks for sharing. I too just started therapy. As a former rugby player etc...i had my doughts and worries. I am so happy to hear your taking the leap. We are all a work in progress....what I can say is that what use to cause me to break down into tears or topics I could not discuss without getting emotionally chocked up , are now just memories, somewhere in the back of my mind, I can talk about them, say they are sad etc.....but not have them affect my life any longer. Have you ever thought of taking legal action against your parents if an inheritance is at stake. I worked my ass off and never got paid. Was manipulated and I worry that I will get screwed. I am trying to just break away, forget all and start over knowing nothing will be passed down. I do see him giving it away to someone who will admire and kiss his ass.
Thanks again for sharing. Keep taking these steps. I am right behind you...all the way. Very much in the same boat and going through this at the same time.


Oh gosh, I wish you would turn this into a therapy blog! I have just read this post, not any others, so maybe you have spoken about your therapy experience more. I am looking for insightful, sophisticated therapy goers to read, and from this post I can tell you'd be somebody I'd want to read.

I am considering writing a blog of my own.

Thanks and blessings to you.


awesome to go to therapy. Look into www.conradbaars.com Awesome therapy stuff and soooooooooooooooo needful for those of us with N upbringing. I'm currently in therapy with a wonderful woman that studied conradbaars and his associate. It is based on St. Thomas Aquinas. Psycho therapy by itself doesn't produce the results that therapy coupled with this does. We are so in need of healing in our emotional life more than our intellectual life. Psycho therapy is deals more with the intellecutal life.

Anyway, I love this site. Thanks

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That is really great.I believe regardless of what you do for a living, it is really important to take breaks (or mini-retirements) whenever you get a chance. It’s even more important if your career involves working for yourself.

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It was he who led me to the important discovery, recounted in my last post, that I am the child of a narcissist. However, consistent with what I said about above about taking responsibility, it must be stressed that this realization is not intended to be an excuse for my own shortcomings. I am an adult and therefore wholly responsible for my own choices and actions. I nonetheless think it is accurate to view myself as a "victim" of my father's behavior. Despite the bleatings of those who decry the "victim culture," there is nothing wrong with viewing oneself as a victim if one has been a victim. Accurately acknowledging victimhood is not the same thing as relieving the victim of all accountability for his or her life going forward. Understanding what was done to me and how it has affected me are necessary steps towards achieving the goals of therapy.

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