I'm glad to hear your weekend went well, Happy. Friends like that are priceless -- I have a few of them who are much the same. We might not talk for months/years at a time, but the friendship still exists, regardless.

Congrats on semi-coming out of the closet! My non-baby blog started as something I didn't share with locals, but over time, I've found that having a few friends who do read it is oddly liberating. At least one old friend (one of those above) has commented that she's learned more about my inner life and thought process in the past few months than in the years we've known each other. Go figure.

So, yes, it's good to share, but you're right to be judicious about with whom you share -- the wrong people reading your blog can really wreck the party.



I had never really noticed how anonymous you are, but now I read that we have that in common. Alas, I am less anonymous than you, which I guess makes me lessonymous? Semi-onymous? Allison is right. If you tell too many people you lose the purpose of your anonymity in the first place. I actually prefer that my husband, aka Ball & Chain, does not read my blog, as it is truly meant for women, and at times I find I cannot quite write what I might have because of my semi-onymity.

I have been away from blogland for a bit and I am eager to look at what you have been doing. Hope all is well-

Lucy aka Susan Sarandon (just between you and me)

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I personally believe friends don't really last forever. Especially when you travel a lot. I have been from cities to cities since I was a child and none of my real friends lasted for more than 2 years. It's always hard to say goodbye to someone, telling them you'll see them again someday. Cause you, yourself know, there's a possibility that you can't see them anymore..

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