Barbara P

Your blog is really awesome, but I think "tens of thousands of dollars" is rather unrealistic. Also, I don't know if you'd have the opportunity to approve the content of the ads. You might end up you don't like, ranging from annoying to offensive.

The Happy Feminist

That's what I figured -- and that's kind of what worries me.


Here's a good article on this topic: "Blogging For Dollars"


I found it a very interesting read!

Shawn Anthony

Hello! First time commentor but long time reader here! You can make a good bit of change from blog ads. It really depends on your subject/market, traffic stats and Google Page Rank (yours is a 5). It can be done and I would not be afraid to try it. Why not make some money?

An example: This site, last I heard (from a good source), was bringing in $7500.00 a month off of the ads in the top right corner. It can be done. Subject matter matters greatly.

At any rate, great blog! Keep up the great work.

Shawn Anthony

Sorry ... I forgot to leave the URL to the above referenced site: http://www.techcrunch.com/


Another article that may help is Steve Pavlina's How to Make Money From Your Blog.


Be careful about your content changing. When we become the product you produce, and not your audience, there can be problems.

PayPal's pretty okay, your audience is paying.

Take a look at Utopian Hell to see some advertising problems.


There are simple ways to add advertising to your site without a whole lot of work and without aggravating your loyal readers. My little blog makes a small but steady income from Google's AdSense program (enough to cover my hosting and domain registration fees), and I also have an Amazon Associates membership that generates some income whenever someone buys a book or other product I've linked to Amazon.

Your site has enough readers that you could probably also sign up for BlogAds or another by-approval ad service. These sites allow you to set rates and approve advertisers that want to reach your audience.

I'd say you're unlikely to make enough to live on, but I'm sure you'd make some real money.


You mean there are still people who don't use NoScript and Adblock?

Then again, they deserve what they get and if you get some money on the side, all the better :)


I remember (I don't have a blog but have always wanted one but never enough time, dedication, etc.) I glanced at Go Fug Yourself's "advertise with us!" page. They use BlogAds and get pretty heavy traffic, I think, and they charge $300 for a week, $550 for 2 weeks, and $1040 for a month for their regular ads (of which they usually have a couple, say two or three), and for Premium Ads (which, I gather, are more customizable, and also up top) $1000 for a week, $1850, $3450 for a month, and $9750 for 3 months. *rubs eyes* whoa that's more than I expected, and I think they've become more expensive as they've gotten more traffic.

They currently have 3 premium ads and 7 regular ads. Which means this month they are making *gets out calculator* $17,630. Whoa. That can't be right. Someone please correct my math and tell me what I did wrong.

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