Go ahead and call IT. They probably won't think you're stupid and they'll get a really good laugh out of it. Believe me, we don't get a good laugh all that often.

I've had people ruin two LAPTOPS in a month that way. Now that is a little bit maybe stupid.


You blog from your computer at work!?!


Do you know that it really isn't all that uncommon for companies to track what websites their employees visit? If your company is big enough to have an IT dept., you should consider this to be a real possibility.


Keyboards are cheap, especially in bulk. Don't buy your own, 'cause the next time you spill you'll feel even more dumb than you feel now!! (You're not dumb, of course - it's so easy to be clumsy before you're properly awake! I am the same way. ;-))

chem fem

Get a plastic keyboard cover. Then you can spill whatever you want over it....


a feminist

Speaking as someone who works in IT myself, believe me, some nice lawyer accidently spilling beverages onto her keyboard for the second month in a row isn't all that newsworthy, especially in a large organisation where they probably won't remember you anyway... unless, that is, they keep logs ... and/or you called during a slow period and ended up as Unofficial Idiot Caller Of The Week, perhaps...? ;)

Click here for stuff that would be more worrying to your local friendly IT geek :)

@ ballgame, I'm hoping the HF has her arse covered on that one :o

The Happy Feminist

I am well aware that there is no real privacy in terms of what I do on line at work. But I don't think there is anything on this site that my employer has a reason to complain about. Also I practically live at the office and I get all my work and billable hours done -- so I don't think they should care if I am doing non-work related activities at the office.

I don't really mind compromising my anonymity a little bit, as long as I don't go totally public so that the whole world knows.

And if I am wrong about my office's likely attitude about my blog, it's worth the risk because I love blogging so much.

Everyone else, thank you. You've given me courage to call the IT guys. They are a nice bunch of guys. And I really only call about serious things (like when my computer kept shutting down earlier this week due to a "thermal event.")

David Thompson

$100? Jeez, I doubt you'd be able to find a $100 keyboard, especially at Staples. You could get a washable keyboard like this or this.

The Happy Feminist

I was pricing keyboards that look like mine and they seemed more expensive. But we probably buy them in bulk or something.


I worked in IT once...

May I suggest that when the IT guys arrive, you smile, thank them, and send back a dozen or so doughnuts, or something similar?

HOnest thanks and bribery both work wonders. Incidentally, so do congratulatory letters to bosses. It's easy to get on their good side if you take the 5 minites to do it.


I work in IT. Not yours. And, we do compare notes. The first tech that replaced your laptop probably went downstairs and jokingly told his partner(s) that one of the legaleeze ruined a $2,000 laptop. They may have made a few jokes in regards to the ratio of your salary, theirs, and the ability to take care of a laptop. Thus, when the second laptop was delievered, they even had more to chat about. Sorry my note isn't encouraging but that's what I would've said if I were in your IT dept.

Actually, I'm visiting your blog because I wondered what of you thought about this Forbes article that compares divorces with working females (http://www.forbes.com/home/2006/08/23/Marriage-Careers-Divorce_cx_mn_land.html). Maybe if you didn't work so much, you wouldn't spill your Dr. Pepper ;).

In all seriousness, is the happy feminist really happy?

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