What kills me about the article and the website/magazine that published it is that 35% of their readership is women (see my blog for a post re: this issue and the relevant links–Sidebar–for the other half– http://sidebar.blogspot.com ). This article serves to alienate 35% of the readership–most likely the exact sort of women disparaged in the article. For a webiste/magazine that pegs itself as a resource for business men (and presumably, women) that’s a pretty sorry-ass business plan.


Congratulations on your 9th! That is a great accomplishment.

I hope you have a great evening.

Scott Lemieux

Congratulations! Many more mutliples of nine to come, I'm sure. :)

Joel Monka

Happy, you and your husband are NOT "just one couple". I'm a 51 year old conservative man who has been married twice. In my first marriage I was the breadwinner, and in my second- nine years, and going just fine, thank you!- my wife earns just under triple what I do. In neither case was money an issue. In both cases we both worked around the house. Is my house dirtier than many? Yes- because there are times when we should have been cleaning, and I said something like, "Hey- why don't we drop this stuff, get dressed, and go to IU to see 'The Merry Widow'?" I just don't understand what kind of egos some people must have- love is too precious to squander it on "sexual bargaining" or male power trips, and our few hours of life are too precious to waste chasing a "Good Housekeeping" lifestyle. Sure, we COULD have the house ready for Martha Stewart to inspect every evening before we go to bed... but I'd rather let the dishes and the vacuuming pile up now and then and LIVE. I didn't marry to gain a maid- when I lived alone, I kept a very well kempt apartment, and ironed my own shirts. I married because I found a woman of infinite fascination, who delights me more today than the day we met- and I think anyone who marries for any other reason is just taking their chances, regardless of income differential.


Happy, Look at this as a positive for women. Career women divorce more often because they can't stand having to take care of a man who can't take care of himself. And now that women can afford to leave their husbands (because of their careers), some of them choose to do so. Obviously not all men are like this, but personally, I don't really see what the big deal is.

Shawna R. B. Atteberry

Happy Anniversary Happy! That's wonderful. I'll have to direct my hubby to the Forbes article just to see how hard he laughs. He, not only has no problem with my career, he's my biggest fan. And Joel, I couldn't agree with you more. There are many more important things to do than cleaning house! And making googly eyes at each other is at the top of the list. Of course, I'll be married three months on Saturday, so I'm still in that sappy, googly eye newlywed stage. And I'm enjoying every minute of it!


The real "nice try, loser" moment is when the author makes a catty comment about female readers 'breaking a nail' sending off angry e-mails to him. But no, no sexism here!


remember- woman was created to be man's help meet, not the other way around. while a house doesn't have to be perfect it should be cleaned and picked up. fast food meals are not healthy and children shouldn't grow up with others taking care of them. working women "suffer" all these things and more becuz they work outside the home.

anni hunter

What amazes me is that men like Noer apparently believe marriage exists solely for their benefit.

I'd like to ask him what else men bring to the marital table...besides a paycheck?

Then I would ask Noer why marriage to a self-entitled, distainful, lazy, immature incompetent, intellectually, emotionally and sexually insecure whiner is good for any woman?


"Remember- woman was created to be man's help meet, not the other way around."
I'm not meaning this to be snarky, I'm really honestly curious what your answer is. What is it that God wants men to be doing that they need women to help them? Why aren't women supposed to be doing the same thing?

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