Maybe it's a "Jews for Jesus" thing?

A Pang

Sounds like a Jews-for-Jesus-fish to me!

If the driver was actually Jewish, they might have had a gefilte fish.


I found some stuff about the "Messianic seal" and "Messianic star" online, but the messianic star looks like the star of david with the jesus fish inside it.

Shawna R. B. Atteberry

I'm going to agree that fish is Jews for Jesus or another Messianic Jewish organization.

Good luck on the case you just adopted. I'm glad you had a weekend out of town to get some rest before this hit.


I'm not sure, it could be what the other commenters have already said or it could symbolize that Christians need to support Israel. Or it could be a symbol that when you have it on your car it means that you are a Christian who supports Israel.

There are a lot of banners on the Christian blogs in the upper left or right hand corners that say things like 'I support Israel', 'As for me and my blog we will serve the Lord.' Among other things.


I like mentally extending the two arcs that define the fish into circles. Once you do that, you have made a Gnostic Fish. The reality of spirit is one circle, the reality of flesh is the other, and we humans are in the intersection.


The Chosen & their symbology

I do not recall ever seeing the Jews for Jesus orgainzation using that particular symbol.

However, this pseudo-related organization uses an inversion of that symbol
(Star of David with the fish inside it):

But I have seen the symbol you describe used by Jewish Christians to show their heritage,
and also used by non-Jewish-descent Christians to show their support of the Jewish people
and their support of Israel, the Chosen People, who they see as never having been unchosen. =>

The symbol is not used to show some kind of superiority of Christianity over Judaism;
if you think about it, what is Christianity but a sect of Judaism
that believes Jesus of Nazareth was the promised Meshiach? =)

As mentioned previously, sometimes the fish is inside the Star of David,
(and sometimes Jewish Christians, like my friend, Jill,
will have a Star of David with a tiny cross in the middle of it)

I'm sure you are well aware that the fish symbol itself, the "ICHTHYS,"
is used becaue that is the Greek word for fish, and it forms an acrostic:
Iesous CHristos THeou Yios Soteros, meaning "Jesus Christ God's Son Savior."

In the early persecutions of Christianity by the Roman Empire,
Christians would use this symbol to identify other believers:
one would make the mark of the upper half of the fish in the dirt with their foot,
and if the other person they were meeting made the corresponding half,
then the first person would know that the other was also a Christian.

The fish fits nicely with Jesus his first apostles being fishermen,
but additionally, in their timeframe,
the Fish was also considered a symbol of Eretz Israel. =)

Peace & Blessings,


The star of David with a fish symbol means that the person most likely driving the car is a jew converted to christanity. The Star of david is Jewish and the fish is christian symbol.In the end days there will be jews converting to christanity. This means they believe Jesus is our coming Mesiah!

Lisa Humes

Hello- Hello-
I thought I had a free moment this afternoon in front of my computer and I actually remembered that I need to look up online a fish with a star of David in it for my car. I am serious. I am in Chicago. I got your blog site in my search. I will tell you all about this!!!!

We are Christian people (some Jew, some gentile) "followers of Jesus" who keep the Sabbath on Saturday. We know that the Roman emperor Constantine changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday in 325 ad, as he was trying to convert all pagan Romans to his new faith and they were already keeping Sunday for their "sun" god. (the beginning of the Catholic church). We realize that Jesus Christ kept the Saturday Sabbath..... There is a volume to say but I will leave it at that.

WE also realize that the purist "Christ follower" would keep the original Holy Days given to Moses in Leviticus 23. (Passover, pentecost, feast of tabernacles, day of atonement, etc) We do not keep Christmas and Easter which were later church additions derived again from pagan holidays. We worship Jesus Christ as Messiah and we keep the original days that he kept and we throw out all of the pagan stuff in between. It is a growing thing in the Christian Church although highly controversial. Sunday Christians debate that Sunday is the day The Lord rose and keep Sunday as their Sabbath because of that, but we under intense research feel that HE rose at 3pm on the Saturday Sabbath and the women came to the tomb on early Sunday morning. Also_
So there you go-
now you know.
YHWH Bless You-
lisa HUmes

Also you understand-- It was first the Jew, Yhwh's chosen people, and then the messiah Christ came to bring grace and love to the Law given to the Jews. We are now grafted on to the original tree. (gentiles, who accept Christ as messiah and have given our lives to Him), (READ Romans 11-21. It explains who the Jews are then how the gentiles have been grafted in). Jesus Christ came and is the Messiah prophesied over 300 times in the Old Testament. He is the New Covenant. "I did not come to change the Law, but to fulfill it" He said, That is why the fish with the star. It is not one nor the other that is of God, it is the two together. They work together as a whole, the old and new testaments. The old and the new covenants.

We know that Jews must accept their Messiah who has come and we know that Christians must not throw out the Law of Moses because Jesus came. I am happy to answer any more questions.


This is a symbol used to show that I am a Jew who believe is Jesus. So this person would be a Jewish Christian.

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