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The boob fiasco(I absolutely hate the "t" word. Am I the only one?)perplexes me. But less because of Dr. Helen's comment than the need to focus on that particular comment. She siad so many outrageous things--that particular comment paled in comparison, in my opinion.

That whole Goldstein mess is weird. Deb Frisch is clearly more than a bit unhinged. She needs to think before she types. Sounds like she lost her job as result of what she wrote, which kind of sucks.

The Happy Feminist

Funny -- I've always preferred "tits" to "boobs." I suppose you can never go wrong with "breasts" or the delightfully old-fashioned and rather vague "bosom."

The Happy Feminist

By the way, Sidebar, I've been meaning to publicize you're remake of your blog to a feminist blog. Will do that soon!

raging red

Oh man. I had the great pleasure (eye roll) of watching that show about Hugh Hefner's girlfriends on a recent flight. I knew I should change the channel, but it had a train wreck effect on me. The 9 pm curfew is what jumped out at me most. They couldn't stay in Vegas for one night in the posh Playboy suite at the Palms because they had to be back by 9. WTF? As if the age difference doesn't have enough of a "daddy" vibe to it (hell, probably a "grandpa" vibe), he gives them a curfew to boot! Ick.

Sidebar-for the other half of the human race

HF- I think the reason I like "boobs" better is that I've never heard a guy say something degrading about "boobs", but have used the "t" word (I hate it so much, I can't even type it) by guys in that way more times than I can count.

And, I'd greatly appreciate a mention. I lost a lot of blog traffic as a result of my long lull in posting, and it's not the easiest thing to try to get people to stop on over now that I've shifted focus and am blogging again. And, the fact that adding haloscan to my blog deleted all of my prior comments from readers certainly doesn't help things. The comments were one of the best parts of my blog. Oh well.

Anyway, a mention would be great. Thanks in advance:)


>>> Dr. Helen believes that women should not "flash their tits" on the internet without repercussions. I guess sexual expression by women MUST be punished. Not sure why.

How far are you willing to carry your support of “sexual expression,” Happy? If you’re just speaking of photos on the Internet here, then I agree with you. No biggie. But is it okay for a guy to flash his (excuse me) dick at you because he wants to express himself sexually? When does expression become incivility, or is civility oppressive to you?

The Happy Feminist

Well, no, Richard. I never said ALL sexual expression is okay. Telling my co-worker or a random person on the street what I'd like to do them sexually is not okay. Flashing people is not okay.

Maintaining a personal Flickr account of nude pictures which people are free to look at or not as they choose? I don't think that conduct warrants "repercussions."


Barbi Benton, now in her 50s, who kept making snarky comments about the extreme youth of Hefner's current crop

Yeah, that female beauty & youth privilege thing can be hard to give up.

The Happy Feminist

Some privilege.


You haven't be cyberstalked until you've been Frisched, and I've been unlucky enough to have been Firsched, by the Frisch herself, on my blog, and then she folllowed over to friend's blog. This was over a year ago so we weren't forewarned as to how far she would go, but the early salvos were bizarre in the trainwreck kind of way and they got progressively more bizarre from there. It took a while but we finally got rid of her and we all felt safer as a result.

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