Nicole Black

No. That's not what I said at all. You always try to bring it back to meeee when I make a salient point.

My point was that you purport that that's your personal belief re: just you--but I believe that it actually is your belief re: all women. If that's the case, then just come out and say it, rather than dancing around it and implying it.

In my post I did then move on to explaining why I feel differently than you, but I did not say that you could not say that. Sure you can. But be honest to yourself and other re: your feelings on that issue.

As for word counts, you said you'd be eyeballing it. The above post, without quotes was 49 words over. What would you suggest I leave out of that post to keep it within the 250 word limit? It wasn't, IMO, rambling and it was relevant.

I don't have the time to open Word, cut and paste each post into Word and run the word count feature. I was eyeballing it as well. If that's not good enough, then I guess I'll just get deleted. Especially if I'm a "repeat" offender--although I could have sworn that this whole word limit wasn't supposed to be directed at me.

The Happy Feminist

You're NOT a repeat offender. That's why your over-the-limit comment is still up.


I like the "loud and proud" stuff. Too many feminists these days think it's politically incorrect to make too much money or work for a large "patriarchal" company. I personally like it and am proud of who I am. My older sister is a housewife, and I have always looked up to her as a strong woman. Being loud and proud of who I am (a careerist) doesn't make me think I'm better than she is. I still look up to her.


Chief Justice Roberts as parent:


The Happy Feminist

Well, that's awesome. I am glad to see articles stressing the family roles of professional men. The more balance, the better.


Hello everybody -

A nationally syndicated newsmagazine television show is putting together a piece on Linda Hirshman's New Book - Get to Work. We will be interviewing Mrs. Hirshman on her research, her findings and her beliefs. Additionally, we are looking to interview supporters of her perspective. Please respond to this blog if you are interested. This would be a televised interview. You will be interviewed separatley from Linda and any detractors - this will not be a panel discussion. You will have ample time to explain your beliefs and experience. Thank you.


and to praise Hirshman for standing up for working women

White-collar women in traditionally high-end jobs, anyway. Yay for lawyers, boo for artists.

(What happened to the notion that childrearing and running a household are 'work', anyway, HF? Is it still only work if The Man gives you a big paycheck for it?)

The Happy Feminist

Of course, housework is "work." Just not formal paid work.

And yeah, I actually put the arts at the tippy-top of what's most important and have only gradually come to the conclusion that it's okay that I have no artistic talent of any sort.


When you talk about "work" and homemakers not "working", you're reinforcing the idea that only formally-paid work counts as actual work. C'mon, you're a lawyer; you understand the importance of language.

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