"The good news is that Nazism is socially unacceptable and is nearly universally understood to be a destructive ideology based on lies."

But, how is this ideology transforming in light of the recent immigration debate. Many of the underlying "values" of national socialism are still around, though not always clearly labeled with a swastika. What happens when the two little aryians try to go mainstream? Their same message of hate could be broadcast to a larger audience in a more subtler form.


"Unfortunately, dad has a history of drug abuse and domestic violence. "


All it takes is for someone to claim "he has a history of domestic violence!!!" and viola everyone decides he shouldnt have custody???!

I want to know what the facts are, not someone's conclusion.

Did he grab her when she was screaming in his face?

Or did he hit her in the face/stomach/some other body part?

Did he stop her from leaving the house by standing in the doorway for 5 minutes while they were arguing and then let her go?

Or did he shove her hard against a wall?

Did he grab her arm ONE time when he found out she was banging some white supremist on the side?

Or he regularly leave bruises on her?

I am not an advocate for regulating speech of the parents, except when you are talking about teaching your children to hate other people (including the other parent).

Did she get an ex parte protective order from a magistrate, but the protective order was dismissed once the man was present and in front of a judge?

These are important distinctions.

The Happy Feminist

I have no idea what the history of DV was in this case. Obviously, if I were a judge I would want to know all the specifics, and I assume the judge in this case considered those specifics.

My main point was that I don't think the parent's ideology should be a basis for making a custody decision. I'm sure there are some judges out there who would think I subscribe to a hateful, godless, "culture of death" view of the world that should not be imposed on children.


"My main point was that I don't think the parent's ideology should be a basis for making a custody decision"

What if the ideaology was that females should serve the males?

Let's say that after the marriage and/or birth of kids, Dad joins a church that promotes the man being in charge and females shouldnt question the males.

Same view?


How could I have overlooked your very salient point about their names? Grounds for parental termination, indeed.

what hideously silly names. Lynx and Lamb. I don't know which is worse. ;-)

The Happy Feminist


The Happy Feminist

That last comment is in response to Will.


So one parent teaching that the other parent and all other females should be subserviant shouldnt be a factor in a custody case?


The Happy Feminist

You do more family law than I do.

Is it considered a factor?


Before even seeing HF's commentary, I TOTALLY thought that WAS a picture of the Olsen twins.

Lynx and Lamb? I hope one of them doesn't try to eat the other.

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