David Thompson

Feminism set out with the goal of letting women be what they wanted to be. Instead, it let women be what men wanted men to be. Oops.

The Happy Feminist

I dunno. I think these mafia women probably WANT to be the leaders.

The thing with freedom and equality is that some people are going to abuse it, and women are no different in that respect -- but it's still always better to have freedom and equality.


See the most recent post on my site for another take on this. I think women, in the name of thinking it's enhancing their equality with men, are trying to out-male the men, instead of cutting their own path.


Only if you believe that violence is an inherently male phenomenon, which I am not willing to do.

The Happy Feminist

Aaargh. I turn back for one minute Richard and look at what you put on your site!

I am not cheering for violence, but I just don't see that we women are that different in kind than men. With greater freedom and equality comes greater opportunity to engage in bad behavior. Them's the breaks. But it's not somehow worse for women to do it than for men. And both should be prosecuted and punished vigorously for breaking the law!


Is somebody really arguing that women are becoming Mafia leaders with the intention of enhancing women's equality with men? Organized crime as feminist activism? Cos obviously women don't REALLY want power, money, sex or indeed anything at all. The only thing they want is to prove they're like men! It's like a really really bad simplistic reading of Freud.


thinking out loud here... if you start off with the premise that men and women are fundamentally different, and use that to inform your thinking about human nature, then you're basically always going to
a) fuck up your ability to empathise with women
b) misinterpret female motivations
c) ultimately give up on trying to understand these hysterical creatures at all and default to the assumption that women have no subjectivity whatsoever and everything they do has been done with a male audience in mind. Just like women wear short skirts to deliberately turn on the guy watching them, women become Mafia leaders because they are trying to "out-male the men"

It all starts off with the "different from me" premise. It leads to a massive missing of the obvious.


It all starts off with the "different from me" premise. It leads to a massive missing of the obvious

That premise is certainly operational, but the premise isn't plucked out of the air. The brains of men and women are wired differently and they have different hormones coursing through their bodies. We all know that hormones have a powerful effect on how we think and how we feel.

The starting point is nature. From nature we see that there are differences, and that is when we formulate the premise of "different from me" and then the consequences you lay out begin to play out.

The Happy Feminist

The problem is that members of the public jump to all sorts of unfounded conclusions based on biological gender differences, and make far more of them than the evidence supports.

The Happy Feminist

Like possibly Richard, who seems to believe that the only reason women and girls might be indulging in violence and mayhem is to be more like the guys. Couldn't be that that's just what human beings do.

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