The Happy Feminist

I'm confused. I haven't seen any undue underlining on my screen nor can I find an open underline tag.

So I just added a close underline tag at the end of the post but I don't know if that is helping since I can't see the problem.


Am I the only one who is seeing that the underline tag wasn't closed for comments keep appearing, and they are entirely underlined, yet no one has mentioned this fact.


Oops, I see that during my dawding with the comment some others have noticed this as well.

Happy, the underlining begins just above the phrase "Burden Shifter"

The Happy Feminist

I am not seeing this at all. Is it only in the comments or in the post?

Should I just do this?

The Happy Feminist

I think I just fixed it. Did that work?


That fixed it. I think you had to view the home page rather than the article URL.

The Happy Feminist

Thank you kindly!

Kai Jones

Bless you for appreciating your secretaries. I've been one for 18 years--the last 17 with the same firm. I could probably match your secretary stories with attorney ones. There was the new associate who took 3 weeks to send out a 2-line letter, changing the wording every day. (Note: this was a cover letter enclosing a copy of a settlement agreement. All it had to say was "Enclosed please find....") Or the one who asked me to lie about something. All the ones who asked me to notarize something when the person didn't have ID, or on a will where the maker was not of sound mind.

Then there was the fussy one--I liked her a lot, but she was very anxious. The ones who yelled, all the time (luckily I didn't work *for* them, but I did work near them). The guy who dictated his wedding vows for me to type.

And then there was the year I broke down and looked for another job, after 8 years here. I was miserable--the office was so tense and unhappy. After the first couple of interviews I decided to tell the senior partner (for whom I worked) and give him a chance to fix things. He asked me to stay at least until the end of the year...because the firm was breaking up and all the people I was having trouble with, were leaving! It was such a good feeling that my bosses didn't get along with them anymore than I did.

The Happy Feminist

Ooh, those are some good attorney stories.

I don't seem to have as many good ones. But when I was a secretary at that London firm, I was constantly berated whenever a file went missing. The file would invariably turn up at the attorney's house or in his car.


Boy, that was great, except I do have lots of stories about attorneys, and they aren't pretty! (22 years of experience as a legal secretary).

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