So, so disturbing.


While we are at it, can we please outlaw cheerleading for girls under 17?


Yuck! I'm glad my parents don't fit either extreme- while I ideologically support the efforts of parents to foster better father-daughter relationships, I'm totally not down with those contrived, fetishistic exercises in applied patriarchy.


I find these both extremes tragic. The female body seems to be nothing but an object in these cases. Well, what's new after all?

I wish young girls (and boys, too) were taught more about the sense and importance of psychological self-agency...


I realize that I keep bringing up young girl's cheerleading, but it REALLY bothers me.

Why do we continue to support the idea that little girls should dance and look pretty to support the boys? I simply do not understand how young girls cheerleading continues to receive any support.

The Happy Feminist

You're in good company Will, because cheerleading REALLY bothers me too.


So you have come to regret all those years on the squad?

What I find interesting is that most of the parents I talk to about this say that they werent thrilled about it, but that their little daughter begged them to let her cheer.

It seems to me that would be the time to talk with your daughter that girls should do their own sports, not cheer for the boys.

The Happy Feminist

Give me a W! Give me an I! Give me a double L! GOOOOO WILL!


You really can shake your pom-poms.


I distinctly remember asking my mother if I could cheerlead when I was about 9. (The girls served as cheerleaders for Pop Warner football at pretty much all ages.) To this day, I remember her response. "No. If you want to go and watch the games and cheer people on, that's great. Go be a fan. If you like the sport that much, we'll sign you up so you can play. But you cannot be a cheerleader. Professional fans do not need to wear little skirts, tight sweaters, and yell "we got spirit." Sweetie, you have the skills to be an athlete. Do that instead."

I applaud her to this day for this.

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