My whole life my father has been researching, writing and polishing a massive Italian family history.

Interesting isn't it, that your father has this project and he's also the one who is pestering you about grandchildren, while your mother is happy that you're doing your own thing. It's likely that your father has actually developed quite a strong fixation on the connectedness of generations and he sees that the river of generations is coming to an end, and he's writing the final chapter of his family history. Is your mother just as invested in family history?

I also found the reference to bride kidnapping to be very interesting. It is still practiced in Kyrgyzstan, but instead of using horses as the get-away vehicle, the modern bride kidnapper uses a taxi :)


Here's a good link.

The Happy Feminist

I think you're on to something TangoMan in that my father's pretty obsessed with family history. My mother's interested in hers as well, but not obsessed.

Generally, though, I think my father's always been more of a nag about everything and my mother's always been more laid back. My father's the one who always said things like, "Oh no, don't go swimming when you've just hand lunch," or "Oh no, you're getting too skinny, boys won't like you." My theory is that he has an anima, or "feminine" persona, a sort of embodiment of his fussy mother and fussy grandmother.


Actually, the practice that you refer to above -- of kidnapping young women for the purposes of "marrying" them is so common in southern italy that there is a word for it. It is "fuitina" meaning "little escape" in some southern italian dialects. Typically the kidnapping would occur, sex would happen, and then the marriage would be arranged as reparation for the kidnapping and sex.

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