Photography IS an expensive phase. My boyfriend's been in a photography phase for ten years. (Maybe it won't end, in which case it's what? An expensive hobby?)

But some beautiful things come out of it, so who am I to complain? It's either the cheapest wall art we have, or the most expensive, if you count the camera equipment. Oh well. It's gorgeous wall art, either way.


I think I've been through a bunch of phases that all had to do with genres of reading material- fortunately some of them have stuck (the gardening/eco/permaculture one most firmly).

The Mr goes through music-related ones (mainly involving the purchase of instruments & recording equipment), though we've both had "camping" phases...

Photography sounds like it could get super expensive, unless it's digital photography. A nice digicamera and a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements is a great start :)

Ha! I think everyone's husbands do this sort of thing. I could have written this, about my ex, ten years ago... No doubt I did something similar.


Ah... phases. Are they not normal?

Some of mine:
1. Amateur radio phase. (An extension of my work early in the service).
2. Basset hound phase. (Two of them. One did me proud by becoming a police volunteer "child find" dog. Actually found one too! The other used to do half a walk. Leave the house, stop, lie down and I would carry him home.)
3. Computer phase. (Started long ago. I built a computer from a kit [Imsai 8080]. Still doing it. I built the computer my wife, the accountant, uses.)
4. Rock Star phase. (OK... not a rock star, but I did play lead guitar in a band. We made no money... therefore it was a hobby.)
5. Automotive soup-up phase. (Started with having to keep a 1953 Morris Minor operating. Will end when my Jeep Cherokee dies.)
6. Cooking phase. (Still ongoing and something of a hobby I share with my wife.)

I have to say, I like your husband's wine phase. I'll have to try it!


My husband is now in a very looooong samurai movie phase.

I want to get him in a TRAVEL phase someday....

(And no doubt he wants me to get out of my kitchen-gadget-buying phase and begin a real cooking phase!)


Mr. J. did the photography phase (expenisve camera that now sits in closet), the cigar phase (eh-the humidor got moldy) and the expensive wine phase (yes, full-size wine fridge)- now we do good but inexpensive wine (yum!). Current phase - back to school for another post-grad degree while working full-time. Not sure if that counts as a phase, but it will be expensive & involve lots of books.

But Mr. J also did a cooking phase (involving actual cooking: chocolate bread puddings & chipolte-crusted seared tuna) that never really stopped, so I'm willing to put up with the school phase in exchange for the occasional super-yummy meal.


My Dad's a perfect poster child of this... he'll collect anything.
Coins -> Guns -> Stamps -> Magic cards -> every other collectible card -> Kachinas -> WWII medals

And even when you think a phase is over, something will trigger his collection interest again. Not just looking through or organizing his old collection-- that never seems to happen-- just resuming his collecting habit again. Sigh.

Meanwhile, wine has been a constant interest of his... something he shares with some friends, but most of us [Family & Friends] aren't wine drinkers. Geneology's another-- lapsed in the late 70s, resumed in the late 90s thanks to the internet.

David Thompson

America's Test Kitchen

I dislike this show. The tests never fail.


Hey! I was away during your de-lurking day so this is kind of late, but I love your blog! I love the title (I'm one too; isn't it great?), I like your writing, which is both way passionate and chill, and I decided to de-lurk on this post, late as it was, because I just found it incredibly entertaining.

Good luck with your photography phase! I've never been much of a visual artist myself (I'm more of a performer, and occasionally a writer; I keep meaning to start a blog of my own one of these days) but I have a bunch of friends who are into it and they produce some really cool looking stuff.


Oooo.... A ceramic knife? What does one need one of those for? (I love kitchen gadgets).

I have phases of interest in things, but as a student, no money to fund said curiosity. So I have a V-E-R-Y long Amazon wishlist - all the books I'd buy if I could afford to. It's like window shopping, but better! And occasionally I do get a new book, eg instead of an egg at Easter from my mum.

At the moment I am in a knitting phase, because it is a cheap hobby - I can get balls of wool for £1 on the local market. And a dessert-making phase. Which has the unfortunate side-effect of rapid weight-gain.... I need to get into a complementary regular exercise habit! I'd dive into a good wine phase if I could afford to - that sounds great!

Good luck with the photography - I predict you will soon have a large digital camera, costing hundreds of dollars, together with a number of different lenses, a new super-duper printer, maybe a large flat-screen monitor for the computer, several tripods, numerous books and holidays planned to places with exciting scenery. Actually, that last part doesn't sound half bad!

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