I agree with you that The Godfather is a cinematic masterpiece, however I disagree with some of your criticisms about >i>The Godfather 3.

A far more serious flaw was that the the whole plot involving the Vatican was just silly.

Are you aware that the plot is based on real life events involving god's banker:

Mr Calvi's body was found hanging from scaffolding on Blackfriars Bridge in June 1982, days after the suspicious collapse of the Vatican-controlled Banco Ambrosiano.

His family has always maintained his death was not suicide.

When Calvi arrived in London, he was on the run, using a false passport.

His corrupt dealings had brought the bank to the verge of collapse with debts of more than $1bn.

Second, it seems completely unrealistic for Talia Shire's character (Connie) to suddenly be involved in the family business and killing people. (I really don't think a woman of her generation from a traditionalist Italian family would act like this.

This plot point is also drawn from real life Mafia dynamics:

Two of the dead women involved in the incident between the rival Cava and Graziano clans were grandmothers, and the other victim was the 16 year-old grand-daughter of one of the Mafia families.

Our correspondent David Willey says that normally gunmen sent to kill rival in family vendettas are exclusively male, but in recent year the womenfolk of Mafia bosses have been playing a bigger role in organised crime.

In one of the cars were the women of the Cava family, while in the other one was Salvatore Graziano - the reputed boss of a rival clan - with three female relatives.

Also, see this report:

And so, by June 15, when Licciardi was arrested near Naples, the 50-year-old matriarch apparently had risen high enough on the crime pecking order to make it into Italy's dreaded list of 30 most-wanted criminals.

Read the whole thing :) and tell me how you feel about the reporter making note of her beautiful yellow sun dress and how, when arrested, she wouldn't follow the police out of the house until they called a beautician to fix her "coiffure and adorn her in a leopard print coat and stiletto heels." LOL.

Yeah for Women's Lib! :)

The Happy Feminist

I love it!

Of course, the emphasis on style is very Italian as well as very feminine. Traditionally, the cultural requirement of cutting a fine figure in public weighed just as heavily on the Italian male dandy as on the Italian woman.

Your point about the Vatican is very good, but I am still not convinced about Connie. She was of quite a different generation than the current women involved in the Mafia who seem to have been Baby Boomers.


My list is SO girly compared to yours:

"The Philadelphia Story," though a feminist friend did go "Spousal abuse!" when Cary Grant shoves Katharine Hepburn in the beginning. I've inflicted it of sevaral boyfriends, and married the one who loved it.

"Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion." (Don't ask me to explain. I just love it.)

"Joe vs. the Volcano" -- And I have a longwinded explanation of the existentialist symoblism in the movie, too.

"Tea with Mussolini" -- Feisty old ladies doth rocketh mightily.

"Drop Dead Gorgeous" ---Murder, a beauty pageant and many, many Minnesota accents. Couldn't ask for more.



HF: I haven't seen the Kiera Knightly version of P&P, but I have seen the A&E version (a mini-series available on DVD) at least six times - even though its FIVE hours long. Five glorious hours if you ask me & extremely true to the book. And I thought the actress who played Elizabeth Bennett, Jennifer Ehle, was phenomenal, as was Colin Firth as Darcy (who was so good he played Mr. Darcy AGAIN in Bridget Jones' Diary).

The Happy Feminist

Girly is good, CC!

And I have been dying to see the Colin Firth P&P. I have certainly heard enough about the wet shirt scene that I am sure I'll be disappointed by it when I finally do see it.


She was of quite a different generation than the current women involved in the Mafia who seem to have been Baby Boomers.

You have to give filmmakers license - Coppola was writing for a contemporary audience which wants women to be equal to men but the timeline constraints of his story necessitated that the story take place in the 1970s rather than the 1990s with Micheal being in his 70s-80s.

You see this phenomona with the ass-kicking babes who seem to have been so prevalent in the King Arthur era, etc. These female roles are designed to appeal to the sensabilities of today's generation and are not accurate portrayals of how women acted in the Middle Ages. (Note: I'm not saying that ass-kicking babes are an accurate portrayal in any world other than the film world.)


JCS! YES! I rented it over Christmas and watched it with 5 of the kids - they weren't as impressed as I was. I love that movie. Love the original soundtrack!


since it is all about female murderers skating because of their sex

I guess we saw a different Chicago. The one I saw was about how sex and violence sell, glitter is more important than substance, and honesty is for suckers. There was something about a female being unfairly executed for murder too--oh, wait, I guess the MRAs would like the movie.

The Happy Feminist

You're right Mythago-- I was just referring to the likely MRA interpretation.


Joe v. the Volcano?!?!? I thought that was a horrible movie.

I loved the Godfather movies.

My personal favorites are Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Apocolyps Now, Big Fish, Blues Brothers, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

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