Many of my family stories have been lost. It's nice that you still have these, and that your family is working to make sure they aren't lost.

Mrs. B

Wow! Amazing that you have these stories....and you tell them so well. (o:


My father was never to pick up his plate or carry any platters, but rather was expected to allow his aunts and female cousins to serve him and the other males.

Amazing how fast things can sometimes change, isn't it? My father had a childhood much like this. Thanks to my wonderful mother, I can't imagine living in a social situation like that.


My boyfriend is Italian (as in he has lived in this country for 5 years). His grandmother was devastated when he moved to the US. She told him she wished he had been born stupid so that he would stay and help her with the vinyard. She wasn't happy to hear about it when she heard he was dating an American girl. She's gotten over it though. Now when he goes home to visit she tells him that it's not so bad that he has to leave because now, "he has someone at home to take care of him." I fear she might die on the spot if she only knew it was the other way around. Some things never change.


I think it's lovely you have this family history, and thank you for sharing.

We have a little joke in my family about the generational differences in how we treat our male partners. Let's say my husband would like a glass of water...

...Nana will jump to her feet to get it for him.
...my mother will get it, if she's already standing, or getting one for herself.
...I'll ask him to get one for me too, while he's up.

cartucho r4 ds

I find strong feminist roots in women across the economic and cultural spectrum, provided these women are active in the workplace and economically aware. Only ignorance and subjugation impede the feminist awakening.

Religion and feminism are two separate entities except within traditionalist and strongly paternal organized religion. This type of religion cannot last much longer, as women are largely responsible for family religious participation and financial support.

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