We watched the film this weekend too -- and loved it. Agreed with all your points.


I had sworn to never see this film after the "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" performance at the Academy Awards, but you may have changed my mind...

The Happy Feminist

The hero of the movie is definitely, as the producer in the DVD bonus materials explained, "an exploiter of women" -- and the lyrics of his song reflect that exploitative mentality. But that's not the whole story of this guy-- and I actually think there is a feminist sensibility in the movie in that the hero's pimping ways are not in any way glorified, and in that the prostitute characters are presented as fully complex human beings in their own right.

David Thompson

"I kept waiting for someone to exhibit really bad or awful or violent behavior"

Well, if that's what you want you can always go rent 'Menace II Society' and get a really good movie to boot.


"You find yourself sucked into this alternative world of poverty, prostitution, and drug dealing and, by the end of the movie, you feel as though you know this world and have lived in it yourself."

Alternative world? Must be nice living in the suburbs. I see all of that shit every fucking day right outside my window.

The Happy Feminist

Not suburbs. Idyllic small, rural town.

Maybe you should make a rap demo, pinkko.


Heh. :-)

Firstly, it's hip hop, not rap that's good. Generally rap is thought of as people like Fifty Cent who get all the top 40 air play and generally suck. Hip hop is made by people like Saul Williams and Immortal Technique, who have talent and generally don't suck. You can download some here: Saul Williams and here: Immortal Technique

Secondly, drum and bass is much cooler than hip hop as you can see by listening to this demo by me: Pinkko - I Have a Dream also, this, not by me: Rene Le Prou - Liquid Gold

Finally, I could be completely out of line here, but it seems a little offensive for someone like you, an idyllic small town dweller with apparently little experience of the ghetto, to refer to the lives of millions of people as "alternative." I'm probably just being a nitpicking asshole, but something about it rubbed me the wrong way.

The Happy Feminist

Hey pinkko,

Sorry to offend. I did pause over the word "alternative" and I hoped that people would understand that I mean "alternative" for me or someone like me-- but it is a clumsily written sentence. And I am glad to have a readership that does not consist solely of people who dwell in idyllic small rural towns!

I look forward to hearing the demo, pinkko, although I'll have to wait 'til tonight since I'm at work.

Ron O.

OK, it looks like I'm going to be the contrarian at Happy Feminst today.

I hated the character Djay and was disappointed the women didn't leave his sorry pimping ass in the end. I didn't see him as decent at all. I couldn't forgive him to throwing out one of the women and her small boy so calously. That was awful. As for violent the beat-down he gives to skinny black makes the grade for me. He was trying to hustle the guy, pretending to be an old friend, and he didn't pull it off. I have little experience with the ghetto; I only know people who made it out, so I cannot say how accurate it is, but I did find it very disturbing.


das ist der mother fucker lied beat alda geiler song

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