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I always just took it as a nice gesture... Women and Children first is, to me chivalrous and whats necessary to preserve humanity. It's essential for children to survive, over adults. And who better to take care of children then the mothers of those children?


I agree that Feminist should start to die as much as men.

This will probably be deleted in Feminism name of "tolerance."

Too bad there where no Feminist during the seeking of the Titanic.

You forgot many other instances...

The Burning of London.

Flight of 1549

I haven't even gotten into Wars.


Where did the feminist all go?

Genuine equality or empty rhetoric?

Sure women are physically weaker than men but that isn't the reason, it was mainly for the fact that they reproduced and the survival of a group depends on its women. Women because of there productive capability are the backbone of a society--something that the "happy feminist" wouldn't know anything about. This evolutionary behavior--Survival of the Fittest.

"The thing is that situations like the Titanic don't crop up in the ordinary course of things and therefore simply can't be used to justify the unequal status of half of the human race. "

First off there is no such thing as a human race. It is the human specie. Second, easy to say that when you were't there, huh? Dismissing the titanic is disgrace to all the men before you.

But fear not...

I believe in equality.

We should start be women dieing as much as men.

And you should go first, "Happy Feminist."

Die in the name of your "Equality."

P.S. Only the weak bleep out what people write in fear of truth.

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