Panties!!! I hate that word also!

For the most part, I do not think people use "retarded" maliciously. But, I think that using it reaffirms the message we can make fun of the mentally disabled. That is why I think it is important to avoid its use.


"You throw like a girl."-- In my experience more females throw with a pushing motion than do males. I suppose I could say "you throw with a pushing motion," but then the woman would probably say to me "you mean I throw like a girl, right?" What if I said, "You throw like I have seen many girls throw during my lifetime, but I admit I have not witnessed anything close to a scientific random sample of throwing girls?" Would this be alright?

Your observations about "slut" are interesting. Wonder why teen girls are more apt to use it that teen boys. I've noticed it too and found it kind of odd.

"Panties" -- I am completely unable to say panties in anything approaching a normal, serious tone of voice. I prefer to call them "unmentionables." :)

The Happy Feminist

I was actually in small claims court recently (please don't ask me why I was in small claims court) and a young woman was complaining that her landlord burst into her apartment unannounced and saw her in her "unmentionables."

And don't try to tell me that "you throw like a girl" isn't an incredibly annoying statement. Of course, many girls/women don't know how to throw properly. Throwing is a learned skill that many women were not taught as young children. That's what makes the term so maddening. It adds insult to injury.

Rebecca E

People are Asian. Rugs are oriental.

I don't remeber who told me that, but ever since then the term's grated on me as well.

And the fact that "like a girl" = "badly" gives me the shivers, too.


I sat in on a rape trial once, and the prosecutor kept saying "had his way with you" when he meant rape. Very odd, I thought. He did not, thankfully, ask the alleged victim is the defendant had torn her unmentionables off.

The Huntress

Urgh, I hate the word "panties". It gives me the creeps.
I hate that "throw like a girl" is used, and also "It's a bit girly" used in a negative way to describe something. Also "Oh, you're such a girl" when people are being pathetic. *sigh*
And society refers to women as girls ao often that I've found myself thinking of myself as a girl on occasion. It's just wrong.


Any time the phrase "...like a girl" is tacked on as an insult, it just pisses me off. Like Rebecca said, it just means "badly" (at its best). It goes back to the discussions on this board and others that all things female are judged against the male. If someone throws, hits, kicks, etc. "like a girl" they must not be doing it like a male which is OBVIOUSLY the right way to do it. If this is so true than how come we have U.S. champion women's softball and soccer teams and kickass women boxers? I WANT to throw, hit and kick like those "girls."
Furthermore, we do boys a disservice by teaching them that being "like a girl" in anyway is something to be ashamed of.


"Furthermore, we do boys a disservice by teaching them that being "like a girl" in anyway is something to be ashamed of."

I completely agree.

So why is it ok to use "retarded" as an insult?


Wow, apparently I'm not alone in my hatred of the word, "Panties" -- makes my skin crawl!

There are a few things they say here that give me the shivers (I'm not a local) . They aren't offensive, but "wudn't" for wasn't and "acrost" for "across" makes me cringe...it's probably a bias on my part, actually! "Y'all" doesn't bother me anywhere near as much as "wudn't".

But what I really can't stand is the word "feminazi".


Will, you're right. That's not OK. It's insensitive. I cringe when I hear people say that, too.

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