Wow. I went to Smith -- I was right down the road from Mt. Holyoke and had many friends there, and I had no idea that you guys also did the white dress thing, on what we called, "Ivy Day," right before graduation. We had ivy garlands, not laurel wreaths.
I never heard your Lyons sports chant before, either. But I got, really, REALLY tired of hearing, "Smith to bed -- Mount Holyoke to wed."

The Happy Feminist

Ugh -- I've heard worse but with the roles reversed. Actually the Mary Lyon chant is just something my husband made up to make fun of me. I think its actually the "mighty Mary Lyons." Next time I'll have to write about Sophia Smith!


I go to Bryn Mawr College and we do the white dress thing on May Day, which is always the first saturday after the last day of classes for the year. Everyone wears all white and plays outside and gets drunk all day. It's cool to see that this kind of tradition exists at other women's colleges!

Jenny K

ah, but cat - do you have Mountain Day? ;) Seriously though, it's been interesting to discover how many traditions are similar among women's colleges - the seven sisters especially. I've yet to hear of one that did not have "teas" and it was kinda cool seeing all the students in their color-coded berets in Mona Lisa Smile.

If you don't mind my asking Happy Feminist, what year did you graduate? (just curious because as an almost thirty something, if you are a barely thirty something, we may have been on campus at the same time)


I went to Vassar, and we were still doing the white dress daisy chain thing in the early 80s at least.

The Happy Feminist

We had traditional teas served in the common rooms of the dorms on Friday afternoons if I remember correctly. There was one group of women who called it "Tits at Tea" and regularly showed up topless.

Uh Jenny K-- thanks for characterizing me as a "barely 30 something." But since I'm going to be 35 on my next birthday (yikes!), I bet we didn't overlap.


I currently attend Mount Holyoke College. Whats so interesting about this institution is that it inspires me everyday. I sense an academic intimacy in this school that encloses me in an aura of knowledge. When i walk everyday through the campus i discover something new, something that i had never seen before. The magical shadows under the oak trees or the delicate breezes near the lake, are havens of inspirations, in this campus. Mount Holyoke College is an academic institution that deserves more recognition.

Mickie F.

I'm a high school chemistry teacher composing an article about Mary Lyons and Emma Perry Carr and hoping to put some catchy information/titles in to entice students into reading. For the most part, my students have the "if I wasn't there, why should I care" attitude. May I use your "We are the Mary Lyons - step back and hear our roar" line? Thanks!

Susan M

Class of 1991 here - I bet we were there at the same time. I wasn't one of the topless tea takers - but I was one of the early Lunar Howlers. I remember (Sophmore year) Stormin' Norman coming up to us as we howled near Upper Lake and asking us to keep it down - they had received noise complaints!

cool not at all

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