This is splendid. i was also looking for single successful women because it seemed in the world around me in Nigeria (West Africa) where i was born and bred, success for women is defined by marriage. Frankly speaking, at 30 i do want to get married but at the same time i also wannt to do a lot of toher things that are not immediately happening. i want to have a talk show, i want to travel to some countries, ..... I can see all around me myrads of unhappy marriages so i was just looking to see if there are women around the world who are successful and single. i will keep looking for love coz i know it is wonderful. but i will also continue living a fulfiled and satisfyig life as much as it lies in my capacity. i will love both my married and single friends alike


what I really don't understand is why people think that NOT having a contract to be with one person means that there are NO people in one's life. It's quite the opposite for me.
And I was never more lonely than when I lived with a man who wanted to us to be married. I'm SO glad I chose not to go that route.

If you're female, as I am, I'm finding that men- both single AND married- are always ready and willing to have sex with me, regardless of whether or not I want to have sex with them. Married men apparently tell their wives some BS about how much they'd never want to be with "that" woman, but when the wife leaves the room, he swoops in and makes his "offer", thinking I MUST be desperate and don't have anyone else with whom to have sex.

That said, if others want someone who's legally obligated to be with them, then I'm all for everyone doing what they think will bring happiness.
Personally I prefer my life as it is.
Between my volunteer projects, jogging, adventure races, travel, and fantastic job, I have no shortage of things to do and people to do it with. And it is BECAUSE I am not obligated to do what someone else wants, or to be limited because my husband doesn't have interest, or because what i want to do means being with men instead of being at a knitting circle or ladies brunch.
I can have more than one man, or no men, in my life, as it suits me, not as it suits others.
This drives some married folks craaazzzy. I don't know what happened to humans to make so many of us want unhappiness for others, but it's true that misery loves company....which is why I sometimes prefer no company at all ;)

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