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my daugher in law got pregnant to avoid deployment and it makes me sick. She is going to bring another child into the world and she is not even raising the one she has. My heart goes out to this poor child.


March 14, 2008
Feminist Policy on Iraq and Afghanistan
This is a special post to all Hillary-voting feminists.

We all want to do an action together - to begin to act as 3rd wave feminists in our own worlds, yet together.

I believe we must begin to articulate a feminist foreign policy for Iraq and Afghanistan that Hillary can adopt which will be accepted by the majority of US citizens. A Feminist Foreign Policy will have as a goal the liberation of middle east women from Sharia law and will elevate the goal of equal gender rights in a civil democratic society, maybe even based on Israeli democracy.

Maryam Namazie writes:"In 1973, as a result of international attention and widespread opposition to the apartheid system in South Africa apartheid was recognised as a crime against humanity.

On the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, let’s together proclaim that sexual apartheid is a crime against humanity. "

Feminists Democrats should offer a platform that addresses the needs of women in Iraq and Afghanistan. The feminist position on would advocate equal rights for Iraq and Afghanistan women with reconstruction democracy training and the implementation of a civil secular law system.

We should eventually offer amendments to the constitution which will form a secular society with secular non-religious law. But it is better if democracy comes from the bottom up. So reconstruction should begin at the surge level.

At the beginning some separate gender activities may be needed to protect women and enforce their rights.

Democracy training reconstruction in Iraq instead of rapid withdrawal can be the feminist democratic platform. The CNN reports from Iraqi citizens say this is what the people of Iraq are asking the US to do now. A soldier said: We need a book of democracy because what we want is personal freedom. That is what we want all this suffering to result in - freedom for the individual in Iraq.

The Iraqi also said, We have all this oil - the people should not be so poor.

As part of the democratic platform on Iraq, the US should work out economic treaties with Iraq that benefit our both countries. That see workers organized into unions which are independent and protected from government and criminal interferences.

We can use the oil revenue while creating a solar/wind society with economic opportunity for males and females . We can leave behind a good public secular school system for girls and boys.

The boys on the left in the democratic party want to do another Vietnam withdrawal throwing the people to their enemies. Because they are rich spoiled brats who feel no sense of obligation to those they use to get ahead. These are the Obama elites of the US. They live like kings and that is their mindset. Let's get out now, there is nothing in it for US.

Feminists should insist on the Japan/German model of reconstruction which led to friendly relations rather than the estrangement we have had from withdrawal without reconstruction in Viet Nam and Cuba all these years.

Feminists should Reject the male left's policies toward Iraq and Afghanistan. It is hard to do but we must speak out for women. You have seen the boys are not with us - now, before it is too late we must speak up for women.

This must become part of Hillary's Iraq program, not withdrawal but reconstruction training in democracy; with the end of gender apartheid as the primary goal.

Specifically, reconstruction with women trained by US soldiers, armed and functioning as protective associations for women's rights - guarding women's centers and shelters, enforcing sexual abuse and domestic violence complaints, working with male units.

The democracy - freedom guarding functions of such units could be praised all over the country as a teaching method.

The abuse shelters and women's villages are where women's economic development takes place. There carpentry, plumping, solar green jobs, sanitation can be taught. Women's home building companies can be formed and guarded.

We woman identified feminists must start to organize around this now or a great opportunity for democracy with equal rights will be lost in the world. See CNN report from Iraqi troops, Kira Phillips in Baghdad. This is film of Iraqis telling US media what they need -saying what is needed. The video may still be somewhere on the CNN website.

Iraqi want democracy training. Training from US troops, democracy training from western TV programs - - free fair election laws. Iraqi are watching this US election on their TV sets and trying to learn from it (that is why our voting booths and polling rooms should be on TV).

Most Iraqi seemed to want want Clinton to win -(Hillary's withdrawal plan showed a concern for Iraqi people's welfare whereas Obama just wants to get out).

Iraqi want one person, one vote, privacy in voting, separate men - women polling stations, simplified voting, to learn about federal, state relationships and responsibilities, Iraqi want jobs, green jobs for males and females.

See also,CNN, On Deadly Ground: Women of Iraq.
CNN Sat and Sun night, the 15th and 16th.
Let's all watch together.

Feminist must insist on a reconstruction that helps Iraq achieve secular society with all our individual personal freedom. We must insist, through the surge, on a secular system as the only way to freedom and peace between the religious factions and non Muslims in one society. The US has done this - we know what works.

We must teach separation of church and state -- we must make this position our feminist foreign policy for Iraq and Afghanistan. That is the Iraq reconstruction plan that can unite the country. Sharia law should be abolished in Iraq and Afghanistan and secular law taught in the schools. We Hillary women could demand feminist reconstruction be in the platform at the democratic convention. We want trade and economic development to result in economic advancement for all our people; US, Iraqi and Afghani.

Remember, let's all watch CNN this weekend and see Women of Iraq.


As usual, this data (albeit EXTREMELY limited) is totally skewed and biased...."male soldiers have higher rates of substance abuse and disciplinary problems and thus men as a class are actually less reliable than women in terms of their combat readiness"....why don't feminists ever look at the overall picture?? And when a man gets kicked out for the cited reasons it's usually in the early stages of training and not too expensive....when a female pilot who's been given $Millions of training, decides to resign her commission to "start a family" I'm sorryt but I just don't see the equality come back on this so-called "two way street"...
You're comparing percentages that aren't equal in the first place...women only compromise 15% of the TOTAL military force to begin with and so they hold very critical positions within the military at times, crucial leadership positions of which MANY other individuals can be negatively impacted by their not being around becasue they got knocked up. The military's PRIMARY job is combat operations, end of story, everyone else supports those missions in some way....maint. people don't just fix trucks, they fix trucks to carry FIGHTING troops and supplies to the front lines....a computer operator doesn't program video games or spreadsheets to chart sales, they process data and intelligence to support American combat troops in their efforts to kill and destroy America's enemies....end of story. Women absolutely need to be in the military, their presence is important to maintain a diverse and mobile military force, but the minute a female specific issue (and here's a news flash, men and women DO have differences which can't be legislated out of existance, just check the next time you're peeing and you'll see I'm right) and when those inherent differences create a situation where COMBAT operations slow, stop, change unexpedly with dire consequences they MUST be addressed in realistic terms.
Women have NOT proven themselves in combat, as if to say "we've made it girls we can finally kill other people in war!" as so many feminists would love to say....it's appauling that men still engage in the horrible job of killing other men for the continuance of national policy, anyone who thinks of "combat" duty as just another opportunty for men to oppress women has never been trained and had ASSIGNED MISSIONS (not taking wrong turns, or getting shot at, or getting shot down, and theere's A BIG difference) to kill enemy combatants, do it over and over again and think there's anything that can be gained by that....the lack of logical thinking is asstounding!
"No reliable data"?? Another good move by the feminist camps....ever hear of Isreal? NON-VOLUNTEER force, men and women MUST serve and do serve for at least two years....why don't we hear about it? Becasue the way women get treated both by the enemy and their own forces in a large number of cases is absolutely appualing...but I guess we just don't want truth we just want opportunity right? And once again, women feel it's not Ok to be appreciated as women but respect will only be given when they can become as simliar to men as possible correct?

"In no other profession are the penalties for employing untrained or unqualified personnel so appalling or so irrevocable as in the military."
Douglas MacArthur, General of the Army


Plenty of other countries have had women in combat forces, both guerilla and regular. Israel is not the only example.

And not all drug-abusing men get kicked out early.

Equality means the ability to take any job, dangerous or no, if you are qualified. I refuse to believe that men's lives are any less valuable than women's.

And unless you can come up with data about expensively trained women chaptering out because of pregnancy, you can just shut up about that. Data.

I don't want to be "appreciated as a woman." I want the same rights and responsibilities that men get. Period.


There are other differences to be considered such as stregth to do a job that requires it.


I thought the main reason why women aren't allowed in combat roles was because of physical preformance, greater likelyhood of injury, fatigue and PTSD. I think the pregnancy issue along with higher tendancies for incontenance in the field were just minor issues compaired to the whole.

Patriarch Verlch

Women in combat stinks. It weakens moral to see women blown to bits, raped, and have every bone in their body broken like Jesicca Lynch. Men also defy orders to protect women, which is instinctual. Not only that, they are a major distraction.

Isn't like 30% of women discharged sent home to give birth to another bastard baby?

No sane nation sends the weaker sex into battle.

Educate yourselves to the mind numbing quagmire called feminism. Call it waht it is, communism for women.

Patriarch Verlch

99% of things mined is done by men, 95% of on the job deaths are men, most combat related deaths are men, men invented about 99% of what we see. Ladies this feminism has gone on far too long. It hasn't produced one thing viable for the good of this nation.

Become an America firster, not a woman firster.

A woman & a Person thanks!

He's here again that madcap Verlch, who seems to know the military better than they do! Listen mate in Britain they were thankful for the women's help in the military during world war 2, many men spoke and said that they didn't think the war could be won without the women. yes, women do get pregnant, i've never heard a man get pregnant ( the only one that i heard of was actually carrying his twin inside him). If the area of the military is where women do choose to go then that's up to them, and there's nothing you can do about it Verlch. From my view men aren't cut out for war either, with those that come back a mental mess, suffering PSTD and suicidal, in which some men ex-soldiers/soldiers have committed suicide as a result of the military & war. So why don't you quit your incessent Yap, Yap, Yap, all information from the realms of the unrealistic. War is not a nice job, but someones got to do it, and as for the majority of the population they don't want to do it and that includes the men as well as the females.
Oh, and you forget men's historical accounts of female warriors in history, in which these females actually when captured by the Greeks turned and took these men prisoner themselves.
I think Verlch that it's time to quit your Patriarchal deliveries over the internet and go into something, which is quite public internet supportive of your talents ' A comedian ' .

A woman & a Person thanks!

Mind you thinking about it, if the comedian bit fails on you, you can always try going to war with your bible verses entoe on Muslim women instead, if any success then maybe just maybe the military might employ you as a spokesperson and thier new found weapon! That is if you could face a man!

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