Chuck Shelnutt

News flash! There are numerous complications with placing men and women together in situations where babies are problematic! Military leaders, whose chief concern has always been winning wars, have resisted placing women in positions that endanger the goal of winning. Politicians, whose chief concern has always been getting the most votes, have then mandated that women be inserted into positions for which they are either poorly designed or sometimes even a hinderance to success. Feminists are sometimes so bent on equality that they fail to even realize that there are many ways that they will never be equal with men, and vice versa. In the military, women are held to less stringent dress codes, lower physical fitness standards (a major point of contention for many men is that they often run past the women during PT, who are often seen walking because they are given so much extra time on the 2 mile "run!"), and are essentially given a "pass" on getting pregnant and other such inherently female issues that limit combat readiness and ability. Such low standards justifiably don't promote an equal amount of respect for women as soldiers, especially when they can't be relied upon to even drag you out of harm's way if injured. And, like it or not, in times of intense stress or danger, men will instinctually take unnecessary risks to protect the women, putting their entire units in danger. Women can do great jobs in the right positions in the military, but their innate physical limitations, including their propensity for getting pregnant, can neither be legislated away nor compensated for by sending everyone to sensitivity training. They should be essentially removed from the equation by being kept out of combat duty or critical positions for which pregnancy would cause undue hardship or expense.

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Perhaps most shocking of all is the degree to which so many of today's military women appear hell-bent on becoming "single moms." For many, this seems to be a more overriding ambition than the career they supposedly set out to build.

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When I was pregnant I has the same feelings about that, so be patient.

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I think it is ok but the military do have to be careful. They have a very important job to do.

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Well every girl can be pregnant can be a doctor or a nurses or even can be a navy soldier so im not sure for how long the navy give license to the pregnant girls?


Hey Chuck,
Removing men from the equation would produce the same result.

Think about it; no pregnancies without wanton men running around.
No need to be able carry more than your own weight with a lighter crew of women.
No one's going to be distracted into saving the women.

Right? Men can stay out of the military, and work in those bread-winning jobs they so crave, while women go off and protect the nation - you can even justify it in your worldview as natural since women are so protective and nurturing, and there's nothing stronger than a mother protecting her young, right?

Don't overlook the fact that the military is set up to cater to male forces; this is bad for women who want to serve, it's bad for men who die in combat disproportionately. It's bad for the country to lose a huge number of willing and capable female soldiers. So try to think about what's best for everyone and best for the country instead of what's comfortable to you and your place in life.

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