you have put together an amazing collections of posts. As many others, I just started reading and I am already hooked. Thank you so much!

The Happy Feminist

As always, bmmg39, you make me think. I nominated Alice's post, so I will respond to your criticism of that. Personally, I don't find the torture of human beings via genital mutilation particularly amusing. It's a serious issue in terms of (for example) female circumcision and in terms of the torture of male prisoners by infliction of genital pain.

What makes Alice's post funny is that she never set out to equate her banana with anyone's penis. (At least I hope not, right, Alice?) The creepy guy is the one apparently imagining that the banana is his penis. Alice has the right to eat her banana any way she chooses and he has to take the consequences if his little fantasy doesn't turn out quite the way he hoped.

As for reporting the creepy guy's behavior to the higher ups, I don't think that occasional leering (which is generally hard to define anyway) would qualify as sexual harassment under the common legal definitions employed in the U.S. I suppose someone could talk to the guy and tell him to stop leering -- but that could cause Alice more problems than it would solve.

Sour Duck

Nice job with this issue, Happy Fem - very well organized. I am saving this to read at my leisure!

Well done!


Wonderful job. I can't wait to sit down and read it all!

Jonathan Dresner

Nice collection, indeed. This carnival has really taken off nicely!


The "Countess"? That worthless Trish Wilson! You've gotta be kidding!


Thanks for another marvellous carnival.


Thank you very much for the link - and for such an interesting lot of posts. Will definitely be back!

The Countess

Thanks for the great carnival line-up. Lots of stuff for me to read. I'm happy to publicize about "Breaking The Silence: Children's Stories". It's being shown to legislators and other key personnel who work on domestic violence and child abuse issues around the country. Abused children and their protective mothers are finally getting the attention they need.


Thanks much for including the post about my Grandma, and for the kind words.

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