What a great collection of posts! I started reading through, and was astounded to see my very small banana piece in there; that something I wrote merited inclusion in this carnival is flattering. :) I will have to contribute something more next time.

My favorite (so far!) is Fernham's post on Congolese women, Ellen Johnson-Shirleaf, and US women. I'm sending it to every one of my girl friends. I also really like the Sugared Harpy's post (and her name).

Alright, back to reading!


Thanks for the link, Happy!

Good job on the Carnival.

Natalie Bennett

Brilliant job, thanks!


I'd also like to add my congrats on a job well done :)

I love the carnivals; I've found so many feminist bloggers via the carnivals that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise, so I always look forward to these.


Great job!

A Pang

So many women bloggers, so much to read - hooray!


Thanks for the link and well done! This is fab. Am working my way down...am on part 2 now and have already bookmarked several!


Wow, great job! Thanks for putting this together.


Thanks for all your hard work on this, HF! I'm having a great time reading everything.


"...as she describes (with frustration) how her department declined to include the term 'Sexuality' in its name."

Well, we should remember that sexuality is just a small -- and, for some people, unnecessary -- part of overall human relations...

"Alice at Pants that Fit ain't volunteering for nothin' -- she just wants to eat her banana in peace (scroll down to her November 17 post entitled 'I've killed a Man for Less.')"

Alice should report the sexual harassment to her authorities (or discipline the co-worker if she IS the authority), NOT make a violent reference to genital mutilation. One bad turn doesn't deserve a worse one.

"The Countess (aka Trish Wilson) argues that the attacks by fathers' rights activists upon a PBS documentary about abused women and children mirror the tactics abusive fathers use in court."

I'd like to point out that ombudsmen for both the Corporation for Public Broadcasting --http://www.cpb.org/ombudsmen/051129bode.html -- and PBS itself -- http://www.pbs.org/ombudsman/ -- have published some sharp criticism of that documentary, calling its fairness into question.

"...and John Derbyshire's contention that women are only attractive for a brief period after puberty..."

Can't see too many people agreeing with him there...

boy genteel
Stop violence against men AND women.

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