Natalie Bennett

No need to be sheepish. The under 50 per cent is an aim, not a rigid target. And as you say, diversity has many different aspects, from gender onwards ... and many of us will fit in a range of diverse diversities.

But some new bloggers from west Africa for next time would be great. I usually try to contribute a few African/Asian bloggers, but I fell down on the job a bit this time.


I think you did a great job of putting together a diverse array of feminists. As you say and as Natalie echoes, diversity can be measured in many ways. I'm still so flattered that you included my entry on male Mormon feminists--plenty of people don't believe me when I say there's such a thing as Mormon feminism, and others tell me there SHOULDN'T be such a thing, because the Mormon church is inherently sexist. But my feminist awakening occurred in the context of religion and feminism for me will always be tied up in a quest that is not only intellectual, political and economic, but spiritual.

Sour Duck

Good notes, very helpful for future hosts, I think.

Agree with Natalie - no need to be sheepish. The Carnival - any carnival, in fact - is a lot more work than people realize. If you don't receive a wide array of nominations you have to hunt them out yourself. This task absorbed probably 60% of my time when I was working on Issue 3. (However, when I did find that gem post, it was worth it! ;))

Thanks for posting these notes.


I thoroughly enjoyed this post. It shows a great analysis of how we can unduly, unintentionally and unconsciously promote one perception or another simply through our choices. There was nothing wrong with your edition -- in fact, I agree that it represented a very diverse grouping of feminists. However, at the same time, I think it's important that all of us be aware of what kind of outside interpretation we put forth with our choices, espeically in an forum like this.

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