Ha! Just out of curiosity, I took it too, and I am apparently a "revisionist." My picture looks more like an Iraqi insurgent than a woman. I apparently also want gender to be destroyed, which is weird to me, and I am a raging commie. (Which I figured it was going to tell me because of the way the questions were worded. As I clicked bubbles, I thought to myself, "Geez, self, this test is going to say you're a raging commie.") I think my biggest problem with the test is its black and white questions related to porn. I had to click either "porn is evil" or "porn is great," and come on, with all the different KINDS of porn out there... maybe I'd better not go there right now. Suffice it to say that there's some stuff out there featuring EXTREMELY predatory women and EXTREMELY objectified men, and some self-respecting feminists who kind of like it. Damn, I'm glad this is anonymous. Stupid test. Excuse me while I go throw some grenades.


Nice jaundice, by the way. You might want to see a doctor about that. ;-)


I know, Ann, I know. I too hesitated over the porn and other questions... some things cannot be a simple 'yes' or 'no'.

I scored as a Gender-Liberal feminist, too, which surprised me because of the gender component. While I question gender and am constantly being challenged in learning about it, I'm not completely sold on the "gender is inconsequential" idea, so it seems odd to lump me with those who are. I have to keep reminding myself that it's just a silly quiz. :P


I hate quizzes in general. Even the dumb quizzes in Cosmo (How sexy are you??) irritate me because none of the answers are actually what I would do in their weird situations. I think I wound up in the "gender should be destroyed" camp because I don't think people should make assumptions about others based on gender. I happen to like being a woman. I think I look pretty hot in a tight skirt and heels (of course, I'm wearing cords and a sweatshirt right now, but...) and if I truly wanted gender to be inconsequential I probably wouldn't own so many push-up bras. LOL.

But I don't want people to assume ANYTHING about me based on that. I have a distinctly non-feminist friend who is constantly saying things like "Men just don't understand that girls don't feel safe running alone at night," which is fine, I can see that a lot of girls are nervous running alone at night and so I'm not opposed to that being the basis for our running group, but I personally go running alone at night all the time and have never been concerned about my ability to fend for myself. Maybe that's just naivete on my part, but in any case it irritates me that she assumes ALL girls are scared. Along the same lines, when we go for a group bike ride (we're on the same racing team) she says things like "wouldn't it be nice if there were some big strong men here to pull us?" But she gets all insecure whenever we DO ride with men. Makes me want to tell her to get her sorry ass in the back of the line and I'LL pull. Crikey. Just because YOU feel your gender makes you weak doesn't mean you can make that assumption about ME.

Is this a tangent? Yeah, I think it is. *grin* Oops.

The Happy Feminist

I like tangents-- that's what makes blogging fun. It's sort of a stream of consciousness exercise (at least the way I approach it!)


Like tangents, LOVE this one! I agree with what you said about gender, and this made me laugh:

"if I truly wanted gender to be inconsequential I probably wouldn't own so many push-up bras."

You and me both!


i was more than a bit surprised at the description of radical feminists, which bought into all of the typical false stereotypes, and failed dismally to describe actual radical feminist theory. some of the questions were really odd and i thought displayed a lack of understanding about feminism or class, such as "Is it degrading for women to work in strip clubs, participate in pornography, or to sleep with lots of men? Do these activities harm the feminist cause?" which implied that the responsibility for both pornography and the 'feminist cause' were the responsibility of women.

The Happy Feminist

Ooooh great point -- I didn't even pick up on that.


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