i think that's the beauty in blogging. you do get to write whatever it is you want to write about. readers come back because it is something that interests them, whether or not they always agree with it. i say keep blogging about things you care about, and let the chips fall where they may!

Happy Thanksgiving...


I wrote about the whole obeying thing a while ago...here's the link if you'd like a look: http://incapability.blogspot.com/2005/08/choosing-to-obey.html
Dr Crazy always tells people off when they're rude to each other in comments, and I've warned one or two. Think its best not to let any scraps happen: people might not want to comment if they're getting verbally lynched! And as for deleting: I recently had a problem commenter, but I just left it up.
Anyway, happy blogging!


Happy, you've been at this longer than I have, but what I have learned is to create a blog (if you REALLY want people to read it) which has a niche and then a unique flavor within that niche. You seem to have done that quite nicely.

Mrs. B

"people might not want to comment if they're getting verbally lynched!"

This is very true and is why I hadn't commented in the past but Zan writes some very bold things and noone's 'verbally lynched' her, so I've been commenting more lately.

HF: Rarely do I agree with you but I enjoy reading what you say because you have a very pleasant writing style and because you don't write about issues in a mocking way. To be honest, if you did, I probably wouldn't come back to your blog.....of course, like you said, it's yours and you have EVERY right to write whatever you choose to, just my 2 cents.

the pirate's wife

I think a blog is very similar to a retail product. You need to decide what audience you want to attract and gear it towards that. My husband and I have just recently set up a blog and we've determined that it will have infrequent but in-depth postings, predominantly politically and socially oriented. It is our hope that it will attract similar-minded people. But in the end, it is YOUR blog. You must do what it takes to make YOU feel satisfied and proud of it. From a personal standpoint, even though I am at least 15 years older than you, I find your viewpoints similar to mine, and your approach (pretty damn rational!) similar to mine. So...blog away...I'm thoroughly enjoying your site! (and it makes me feel so damn good that this middle-age product of the 1970's feminist movement isn't out here all alone - the next generation is strong and vocal - it hasn't been all for nothing).

iphone zubehoer

But before redesigning technology around the quirks of our maddening gender stereotyping, I'd rather fight the idea that women can only be beautiful and therefore worth something (not to mention visible) if they wear highly uncomfortable clothing designed to cripple them, and have to live their lives in a rigid posture not to spoil their hair do and make up.

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