LOL Yeah, we could go through basic together, HF. Actually, I fully planned on following in the footsteps of the men in my family by joining the military or going to a military academy after high school. What prevented me is a handicap I have; it doesn't limit my every day life, but it was enough to get me disqualified-- rightly so, I know. I'm not bitter, but I was very disappointed when I realized that I could never serve.

Anyway, I have really enjoyed reading all your posts on this, and Beaver and Ginmar's first-person accounts. What an excellent discussion this has been! I have learned much, and have been inspired to research and learn more.


Just don't suggest that women carry guns in civilian life, and defend themselves by any means necessary, or Ginmar will flip out on you, claim you are a right-winger, and ban you from her blog.

She has some righteous things to say, but frankly, I found her to be extremely authoritarian and thin-skinned. But maybe that's what it takes to be in the military.

The Happy Feminist

Nancy, I don't know anything about the situation to which you are referring. My view on blogging is libertarian -- as far as I'm concerned, Ginmar, or any other blogger, can ban anyone for any reason and that's fine with me. She seems like she has a lot of interesting and intelligent things to say so I'll keep reading her stuff.

As a very new blogger myself(five weeks and counting!), I have thus far taken the position that any and all commenters and comments are welcome here. I am going to take a non-interventionist stance, I think, but I hope that the tone of the discourse will remain civil.


Nancy's been lying about me for quite some time. You can check it out at my blog if you care to; I have't edited her remarks at all. She's gotten nailed for her lies at feminist blogs repeatedly. What her issue is, I can't say.


I am fairly new around here so maybe I have the wrong impression, but I've found Ginmar fairly close minded and prone to personal insults and attacks instead of discussions.

But, I am willing to find out if my impression is incorrect.

Wonderfully wicked insults can be done in a constructive and very entertaining manner. (See Twisty.) However, simple close-minded name-calling gets old.

The Happy Feminist

Whoa! I don't want to get into a debate about Ginmar as a person. I'd note that Ginmar hasn't even been involved in any debates on this site.

My hope is that commenters on this site will, as much as possible, engage the ideas of the post or each other's ideas, rather than getting personal.

And now I've just violated my own resolution not to check this site or do any blogging during the workday!

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