Yeah, but that's not a working class bandana around the little doggies neck.


I think they are referring to little dogs. The rich usually have little dogs and not many kids. I am a concervative and I own a little dog. I own one of the most annoying dogs in the world. She is a Shi-Tzu. She is as cute as a button but I wish I had never got her. I got her when I was single. However, as soon as my son came along she became very manipulative and began pooping on the floor. Everyone says I should get rid of her and that it is unnecessary stress, but our history together goes way back. She has gotten a lot better becoming number two. For so long she was my baby but now I have real babies. Another reason I can't get rid of her is because my son loves her. He plays with her all the time. I just have to make sure he doesn't injure her because he can play rough. However, she has never bit him. She will give him an occasional growl but she actually seems to enjoy their rough and tumble play.


LOL How 'bout I load up the Volvo and meet you at Starbucks for a venti latte to console your corgi.

Seriously, it's a good book, eh? I finished it (finally) a couple weeks ago; he could be talking about any small town in a midwest state... certainly the one I grew up in fits the description.

Mrs. B

Corgis are also the dogs of royalty....Corgis are the Queen of England's favourite dog. Is yours a 'cardigan' or a 'pembroke'?

Zan, I'm glad that you didn't listen to your friend's advice about getting rid of your dog....I'm sure the pooping on the floor isn't fun but dogs aren't 'disposable' or something you throw away when they become inconvenient.

**steps up on soap box**
--This is off-topic but I wish people would carefully consider whether or not a dog REALLY fits into their lifestyle before getting one. The people that live behind us got a puppy for their son....well they never trained the dog properly and it grew up and their son lost interest so now the dog languishes in their back yard, sentenced to solitary confinement. Dogs are pack animals and don't do well living a life without contact with people or at the very least another dog.--
---**steps down from soap box**

I'm an animal lover, can you tell? (o;


What, now I can't even make use of the harvest from the olive trees on my little urban lot without being labeled? :) Not that I can do so often, but oh the briny goodness!

"Oh, I'm not rich- I'm loathesomely rich, Buffy. Care to taste my organic artisanal home-pressed extra-virgin olive oil?"

Yay dogs, by the way.


I got the dog when it fit in with my life. I had no plans to marry and having a little companion was perfect. If I ever got rid of my 'Girl' as I call her I would make sure it was to a home. I know a few single ladies who would like her. However, my son has taken over for me when it comes to giving her attention.

I am a big animal lover and cannot abide cruelty to animals but my view has changed a little. For instance Girl does not sleep on my bed anymore. She has a pillow. After Girl passes from this world I am going to make sure I do my research for the next breed I get. Shi-Tzu's are a one person dog and don't do well in a family setting.


The Happy Feminist

I love Shi-tzus -- they're so cute. My little corgi has some shi-tzu friends.

My corgi is a Pembroke, just like the Queen's. I have a fantasy that the Queen will somehow catch sight of him, fall in love, and offer me zillions of dollars to let her adopt him. But I don't think I could ever give him up!

Mrs. B

I know what you mean Zan, my sister in law had a hard time with her dog when she had her baby....she treated the dog (a scottie/westie mix) like a person and when she had her baby, the dog had a hard time adjusting, so she had to make some changes so that the dog would learn that he was a DOG and not a person. She could no longer let him sleep in her bed and she put him through obedience classes so that he would view her as the 'alpha' of their family. I wish the people that live behind us would try and find a better home for their dog....I often wish I could take him but I already have 3 big dogs and a cat, so I can't take any more.

I read a quote on Alice's (pants that fit)blog that I liked, she said "I believe animals should have humane rights, not human rights." (I hope I got the quote right). That quote is how I feel. Animals aren't human but they deserve to be treated humanely. The Bible says in Proverbs 12:10 'A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast.'

Mrs. B

Something else I forgot to say was: I think what I reacted to in your original comment, Zan, was the term 'get rid of'. Finding a different, suitable home is VERY different than 'getting rid' of an animal. Sometimes situations can arise where someone is unable to keep a pet but it is their responsibility to find it a good home....your second comment made it clear that you believe this too. (o:


Us poor bizarre liberals go for cats and regular olive oil.

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