I'm just not so sure about the male pronoun.

The Happy Feminist

I know, I know -- but the quotation was so spot on otherwise. I don't who this William Prossner is or when he lived, but I'll give him a free pass if he is from a different era.

well hello there

ooo-whee, i am feeling that. i just emailed it to some folks and changed the pronoun.


Weird. I have the same calendar and I posted the same quote out of it on my blog (check URL if you want). Certainly not a feminist though . . . you can look through some of my more recent posts to see that much.

The Happy Feminist

I don't know Kelly-- if you say you're certainly not a feminist, I'll believe you. But I didn't see any evidence one way or the other on your blog. I think you can be a judicial conservative and also be a feminist.

And just when I hought I'd heard all the best blog names, you give me "Full Metal Attorney." Awesome.


He is from a different era--1760's? I can't remember, nor can I find anything enlightening about the guy via a quick google search. A few months after I entered practice a partner I was on good terms with sent it along.

A few months later I quit.

I'm now a carpenter, and although I find the work more rewarding, I find that the "protest at the size of the fee" hasn't changed, though I do get better than "a few unkind words."


The Happy Feminist

Ooh, carpentry does sound like a most satisfying profession-- except I would keep hammering my fingers probably!

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