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My mother was and is the main example to me about everything in my life.

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Hello The fact that her irreverence is so unexpected from someone of her ladylike exterior makes it all the funnier. She can invariably make me laugh so hard I can't control myself.and also the feminist rules but also dont forget the men.

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I should point out that I do not share my mother's lack of respect for Christianity. Although I am not Christian, I understand the theology and I am able to separate the theology from the less desirable aspects of my mother's upbringing.

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A beautiful tribute!! Barbara must have been such a kind and friendly person to have been a friend of yours Dottie!!I never realised the true meaning of friendship untill i came to hubpages and read hubs like this, and others like ripplemakers! which has tottaly changed my perception and thoughts of how and what a friend truely is!

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i have the kindest and the coolest mom too. she tolerates my online playing but she also knows am not really spending too much.


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