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I am a 34-year old white, female American lawyer. As a very young lawyer, I had the opportunity to serve for several years as the Deputy District Attorney of a large, rural county. After several years in the public sector, I now work as a litigator in a large law firm. I am professionally ambitious and hope to serve one day as a judge.

My husband and I have been married for eight happy years. We have no children. In my spare time (of which I have little), I exercise, read, and volunteer. I consider myself profoundly religious in the sense that I have spent most of my life preparing myself for my own eventual death (and whatever it may bring, including nothingness) and trying to live a valuable and moral life in the time I have left. Unitarian Universalism (as expressed in George Marshall’s book The Challenge of a Liberal Faith) best expresses my religious views.

DISCLAIMER: I have chosen for various reasons to remain anonymous. Some details about myself may be modified slightly in order to protect that anonymity. This is not, however, a fictional blog.