A Good Book for That

A good book to use to familiarize yourself with various religions is 'The World's Religions'
by Huston Smith; ISBN 0-06-250811-3

My copy is ancient, and therefore still titled, 'The Religions of Man'
but he updated it and revised the title in 1991.

I think you might find it a handy resource to give you an overview of religions. =)

The Happy Feminist

What a coincidence! That is one of my favorite books EVAH! I first discovered it in my early teens when it was indeed still called "The Religions of Man," and looooooved it.

It got me over the notion that religion is just superstition and made me realize that all the great world religions reflect fundamental underlying truths about life. I have reread it a couple times as an adult and gave the updated version to my husband one year for his birthday.


Thank you for the warm welcome for World Religions! I'm just catching up on my blog reading after being under the weather earlier this week, and it's quite cheering to see your post on our forum.

I'm another fan of Huston Smith's. I first read him in college for a survey course in world religions and have been in love with ever since. His chapters on Eastern Religions were eye openners for me.

Again, thank you for the warm welcome!

thé kenya

I have come to realise that yeshua is and was the walking Tora in the flesh. Dose that that make any sents to anyone that reads the coments, I know the the saviour of the worls was a gift for salvation to the Jews frist and gents are in 2nd place if that makes sents.

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